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Frozen fairways.

This isn't your average golf game. During the annual World Ice Golf Championship in Greenland, temperatures can plunge to -20[degrees]C (-4[degrees]F). And instead of playing on freshly mown grass, golfers tee off on giant packs of ice.

Each March, workers create a golf course on top of icebergs, or huge chunks of floating ice. The chunks have broken off from giant sheets of ice that cover most of Greenland. After the ice breaks off, the icebergs float down water passages that lead to the sea. Sometimes, icebergs get trapped in narrow inlets. The tournament is played on the trapped ice.

To stay warm, ice golfers wear layers of clothing and gloves. They use red golf balls that can be spotted on the white course.

Did You Know?

Roughly 85 percent of the land on Greenland is covered by ice. In some places, the sheets can reach a thickness of more than 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).

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