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Frozen OJ revenues slide with price cuts, while Gallonage is below 40% of Universe.

Frozen OJ Revenues Slide With Price Cuts, While Gallonage is Below 40% of Universe

Frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) dollar sales in the United States fell to the lowest level in at least three years during the second quarter of 1991, according to figures released by A.C. Nielsen Scantrack. Retail receipts, generated from stores accounting for 72.7% of total national food sales, were put at $197.9 million. This was down 15% compared with $232.1 million realized during the same period of 1990.

Looking at the overall picture, total orange juice gallon sales of 168 million during the second quarter of 1991 were up 17%. The average retail price, though, at $3.70 per gallon, was 19% lower than during the second quarter of 1990. The increase in gallonage was insufficient to overcome the price decline so retail revenue, at $621 million during the second quarter of last year, fell 6% from the previous year.

FCOJ's importance to the total yielded to ready-to-serve orange juice products on both a gallon and dollar basis. Frozen accounted for 39% of all gallons sold during the second quarter of 1991, down two percentage points from the corresponding period of 1990. Dollar importance fell three percentage points to 32%. Ready-to-serve OJ accounted for 60% of gallon sales and 67% of dollar sales during this quarter.

According to analysis of the Nielsen data by the Florida Department of Citrus, FCOJ gallon sales at 65.6 million were up 13% from the year before, but declined 15% from the previous quarter. At $3.02 per gallon, the price was 25% below a year ago and off one cent from the previous quarter. The 12-ounce size accounted for 81% of all frozen gallon sales that quarter, up from 76% during the second quarter of 1990. By package size, the 12-ounce FCOJ unit continues to dominate the segment.

But, again looking at the overall scene, orange juice movement has continued to rebound from 1990. This was no doubt spurred by across the board retail price cuts. The increase in OJ's share of the juice market appears to have come mainly at the expense of apple juice. The latter claimed 17% of all fruit juice gallon sales during the second three-month period of 1991, off 20% from the previous year and down from 18% the previous quarter.

Gallon sales of fruit drinks increased 10% from the earlier year and escalated 25% from the previous quarter. Grapefruit juice held 5% of the market during the most recently tracked quarter, unchanged from the previous year but up from 4% during the previous quarter.

Frozen concentrated grapefruit juice gallon sales, at 1.8 million in the second quarter of 1991, were down 4% from the same period the year before and off 3% from the first quarter of 1991. At $3.31 per gallon, the price fell 7% from the year before. Gallon sales were insufficient to compensate for the slump, so dollar sales at $5.9 million were down 11% from last year. Versus the first quarter of 1991, revenues slid 4%. Frozen accounted for 14% of the total grapefruit juice market during the quarter, down two percentage points from the year before. [Graph Omitted] [Tabular Data Omitted]
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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