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Frozen Food Technology.

The stated aim of this book is to provide an up-to-date review of the technology of the frozen food industry. To do this, it has been divided into two parts - one dealing with industry issues and the other with specific product areas.

The first part deals with the nuts and bolts' of the business. There is a chapter on the physics and chemistry of freezing, followed by one on how it is done. Other chapters deal with packaging and the machinery for carrying it out, product safety, dietary considerations and a review of current nutritional knowledge in relation to frozen foods. A useful chapter on the development of frozen foods completes this section. The second part deals with specific product areas but all this can easily be seen from the following list of chapter titles: Basic physical phenomena in the freezing and thawing of plant and animal tissues; Freezing technology; Packaging of frozen foods; Product safety from the factory to consumer; Nutritional aspects of frozen foods; Developing products for the market; Meat and meat products, Fish and shellfish; Freezing of vegetables and fruits; Manufacturing of frozen prepared meals; and Frozen bakery products.

As is pointed out in the Foreword, this text really follows on from a famous book that was first published around sixty years ago. Under the senior authorship of the late Don Tressler, what eventually became The Freezing Preservation Foods was widely sold. Since then other texts have tended to cover part of the frozen food 'story', whereas this new prose, written by 16 contributors, attempts to provide the same breadth of information - but brought right up to date.

Freezing in relation to foodstuffs is such big business, and it is still expanding but a new textbook on the subject is still needed by all those joining the industry and as a refresher for those who do not still have access to the earlier texts.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:May 1, 1993
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