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Frozen Food Packaging from TiroPak Protects What's Inside, Projects Outside.

Customized packaging for coated frozen food products in polypropylene foam known as XPP is available from the TiroPak unit of Bakel, Holland-headquartered Convenience Foods Systems (Fax: 31-492-343-234). The environmentally-friendly barrier base film allows for easy peel opening when combined with high gloss BOPP/PE lidding film, which is said to cost 7% to 40% less than folding cartons and 65% less than CPET trays in cartons.

Made in Romont, Switzerland, the TiroFreeze microwaveable frozen food packaging system last year received a Montell Worldwide Innovation Award. Judges praised it for outstanding "stand-up display" characteristics in freezer cabinets as well as insulation properties that make it possible for consumers to handle packaging immediately after heating without wearing protective oven mitts.

They added: "High melt strength Pro-fax PF-814 resin allows extrusion of foam sheet which is thermoformed from reel stock to make smart use of polypropylene's `memory effect.' The system epitomizes current market trends -- microwaveability, long shelf-life, space-saving storage, high quality printed lidding film, and environmental savings."

Tiromat trays also pass product drop tests with high marks. That's because non-brittle trays retrieve their original shape even after being dropped in a -25 degrees C environment.

Demand is said to be growing in Europe for this type of recyclable, ultra-thin transparent silicon oxide film packaging, which has a source reduction factor of 40%. It is designed to-go straight into the microwave oven after the consumer pokes a few holes in the lid to vent steam.

TiroPak is marketing both the packaging material and Powerpak machinery with tooling, sandwich heater and plug forming that shapes food containers. The system may be re-tooled to change or compartmentalize tray configurations as desired. Brand name labeling on bottom webbing is optional.

A wide spectrum of package colors ranging from spring green XPP to silver black are available to help differentiate products on retail shelving. For example, fish could be color coordinated in blue film, while chicken might go in a citrus- yellow package.

TiroPak reports a lot of interest in the packaging from frozen food producers in Italy as well as poultry

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RELATED ARTICLE: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Fans Can Now Be Eco-Freaks Too!

Politically correct ice cream lovers used to "grooving" on Ben & Jerry's super premium line will soon be "grooving" even more: the company has decided to repackage its products in environmentally-friendly unbleached paperboard.

"We're hoping that what we call the `Eco-Pint' will become the new industry standard for ice cream containers," said Andrea Asch, manager of natural resource use for Ben & Jerry's. Beginning with its World's Best[TM] Vanilla, the Burlington, Vermont, USA-based company plans to switch a "significant portion" of its containers by the end of this year.

Why unbleached paperboard? Because the chlorine used in production of bleached paper and paperboard combines with other materials to produce a witch's brew of organochlorine chemicals -- including highly toxic compounds and carcinogens like dioxins -- that end up in the waste water discharged by paper mills. So says the environmental group Greenpeace.

Ben & Jerry's wanted to make a change since 1996, but the company had trouble sourcing unbleached paperboard that would meet commercial and Food and Drug Administration standards. Nobody had ever produced such packaging for ice cretan before, said Michael Brink, manager of packaging development for Ben & Jerry's, and the project thus "posed unique challenges."

After what Asch called a "global search" for a supplier, Ben & Jerry's found Riverwood International, an Atlanta, Georgia, USA paper mill that agreed to develop the new packaging material. But it took more than two years to develop containers of unbleached brown kraft paperboard with an exterior clay coating that can be printed with the familiar company logo. The containers are being printed and formed by Sweetheart Cup Co.

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