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Frost & Sullivan Call Center Research Cites Rapid Adoption of IP and Massive ACD Replacement Cycle; In Response -- Nuasis Offers IP Migration Incentive Plan to Replace Outdated Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel ACD Systems.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- The latest call center industry research from Frost & Sullivan titled "North American IP Contact Center Markets" states that a "massive ACD replacement cycle" is currently underway. For companies that desire the competitive advantages of IP technology in their call center, Nuasis(TM) Corporation, the IP contact center company, is offering to migrate companies from outdated ACD systems to a next generation IP-based solution.

According to the Frost & Sullivan research analysis: "A massive replacement cycle for legacy (ACD) installations deployed in readiness to Y2K is currently underway and expected to pick up momentum in the next couple of years. As enterprises replace their communications infrastructure they are predominantly choosing IP, recognizing the need to future proof this (call center) infrastructure." Nuasis agrees with the research conclusions citing its own customers' experiences. Upon seeing its own customers immediately benefit from removing outdated ACD products and transitioning to an IP-based system, Nuasis has launched an IP Migration Incentive Plan.

Nuasis will migrate call centers currently using outdated Aspect, Nortel, Avaya, or Cisco ACD systems and apply $1,000 per agent license to the purchase of a Nuasis NuContact Center(1). For companies that require a multiple site migration to IP, the software-only, IP-based architecture of the Nuasis system easily integrates with legacy ACD equipment and other call center infrastructure. In addition, Nuasis will integrate the IP-based NuContact Center with any CRM database that is currently integrated with the legacy ACD switch at no cost.

In addition to "future proofing" their infrastructure, Nuasis customers who have replaced outdated ACD systems with the IP-based Nuasis NuContact Center have gained and are continuing to gain significant business benefits. Customers are reporting unprecedented productivity gains, improved ease-of-operation management, and significant cost reductions. The switch-independent, standards-based, software-only system supports single call centers and enables multiple contact center sites to be managed as a single center. The Built-in CTI capability and simple workflow tool allow the integration of CRM applications, homegrown and hosted services, workforce management applications and quality monitoring applications to be done in a matter of days versus weeks to months. This capability has also resulted in quick and easy deployments of CRM enabled screen pops that do not require costly professional services.

(1) Call centers with a minimum of 100 agent seats or more qualify for the IP Migration Incentive Plan. For all of the details on the terms and conditions, contact a Nuasis representative at 1-888-868-2747. The offer expires February 28, 2006.

Press and Analysts

If a member of the press or analyst community would like to talk to a Nuasis spokesperson about this announcement, please contact Michelle Basch, Nuasis corporate public relations, 650-318-2386 or

About the Nuasis NuContact Center

The Nuasis NuContact Center handles customer inquiries via the phone, e-mail, Web and fax. As a single, distributed system it replaces multiple legacy ACD systems. The Nuasis system intelligently routes and queues customer contacts across multiple geographically dispersed customer service call centers taking full advantage of VoIP technology. It delivers a new level of system reliability while leveraging investments in the existing enterprise network. It also offers low cost of deployment and the quickest payback of systems on the market by reducing labor, hardware and network costs.

About Nuasis Corporation

Nuasis Corporation, the IP contact center company, provides companies with enterprise software that improves customer service and reduces call center operating costs. A 2005 recipient of Frost & Sullivan's Entrepreneurial Company Award, the company's product, the NuContact Center, is leading the transformation of the customer contact center from proprietary circuit-based ACD switches to IP-based enterprise software applications for intelligently routing customer inquiries via the phone, e-mail, and Web. It competes against call center products offered by companies like Nortel (NYSE:NT), Avaya (NYSE:AV) and Cisco Systems, (Nasdaq:CSCO). Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Nuasis has offices in major metropolitan areas across the United States. For more information, contact Nuasis (650) 318-2200 or visit

Nuasis and NuContact Center are trademarks of Nuasis Corporation.
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