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Frost & Sullivan Award Recognises Fractus' Expertise in Technology Innovation.

LONDON, September 27 /PRNewswire/ --

- Strong IP Portfolio Marks Fractus as Key Factor in Defining the Future of Wireless Antenna Design

For developing innovative applications of non-linear geometry for wireless antenna design, Spain-based Fractus has been selected to receive the 2004 Frost & Sullivan Award for European Technology Innovation in the area of wireless communication. With its use of fractal technology, Fractus has significantly contributed towards the pioneering miniaturisation of wireless components.

"Fractal antenna technology may prove to be a 'disruptive technology' that could potentially revolutionise the antenna industry," comments Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Jagan Ramaswami. "A trailblazer in the research, design, development, licensing and selling of fractal technology, Fractus' products currently cover the entire spectrum of antenna functions in wireless communications ranging from handset antennas and base stations to automobile antennas."

The company's innovative use of fractal geometry to antenna design has underpinned unique benefits in terms of size and efficiency that conventional Euclidean geometry is incapable of matching.

Using its patented fractal technology, Fractus has effectively doubled the size / performance ratio for antennas, reducing antenna sizes by half while delivering multiband connectivity. This has paved the way for more compact antennas for mobile phones and paved the way for the manufacture of smaller, less conspicuous base station antennas for urban settings where the visual impact of antennas is an emotive factor.

In addition to mobile handset and base station antennas, Fractus has also been developing fractal antenna technology for other applications. The company is working on Bluetooth and WLAN, defence application and automotive antennas.

"Besides developing new product lines in fractal antenna technology, Fractus' focus has also been on working closely with customers to select the most suitable antenna sizes to ensure optimal cost and performance," says Mr. Ramaswami. "Fractus consistently aims to provide an exceptional value proposition to its customers."

Fractus is working with leading mobile phone and base station manufacturers in addition to wireless equipment OEMs to leverage the competitive advantage of its strong technological innovation and is aggressively exploring partnership opportunities with other industry leaders.

"What sets Fractus apart from the competition is its high level of technological innovation and achievement, and strong intellectual property portfolio," notes Mr. Ramaswami. "True to its positioning as a consistent innovator, Fractus is now developing the next generation in the miniaturisation of wireless components, transforming the design options open to manufactures who until now have been constrained by the physical limits of conventional antenna technology."

Growing interest in wireless technologies such as RFID and 4G wireless is expected to increase the need for component miniaturisation. Herein, its innovative technology and competitive ability mark Fractus as a company with strong potential for growth.

About Frost & Sullivan

Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan is recognised as a global leader in growth consulting. Frost & Sullivan Awards are presented to companies that demonstrate best practices in their industry, commending the diligence, commitment, and innovative business strategies required to advance in the global marketplace. Frost & Sullivan rigorously analyses specific criteria to determine award recipients in a broad spectrum of market industries and landscapes. For further information, visit

About Fractus

Fractus specialises in designing and manufacturing miniature and multi-band antennas for wireless applications that are easy to integrate, cost-effective and provide high performance. Using the unique space-filling and multi-level properties of fractals as the backbone of its technology, Fractus has proved how its antennas raise standards within mobile phones, Bluetooth(R) and WLAN devices, base stations and military applications. Fractus has a significant IPR portfolio to protect customer invention and has been awarded the 2004 Frost &Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. Apax Partners and 3i are Fractus' primary investors. For further information, visit us at

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Date:Sep 27, 2004
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