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Frontier State Bank selects Kroll Factual Data to provide independent verifications.

Loveland, Colorado-based Kroll Factual Data, a provider of business information solutions to financial organizations, announced it has been selected by Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Frontier State Bank to provide independent verification of borrower data prior to all loan closings. Frontier State Bank primarily originates Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans.

"We have seen an increase in our loan production over the past year and a half, which is mainly due to a decrease in broker production and the high demand for FHA loan products," said Lee Dean, vice president of national sales for Frontier State Bank. "Not only has Kroll Factual Data saved us time and money, they have solved several key issues for us and helped the bank become more profitable and efficient."

According to an April 2009 report by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), 66 percent of mortgage fraud is undetected until the loans are funded. Frontier State Bank recognized a flaw in the industry standard practices that allows verification documents to pass through the hands of borrowers and other interested parties, and responded by selecting Kroll Factual Data to provide independent capacity-to-pay verifications on all of its loans.

"With fraud at epidemic levels, it is obvious that the old ways aren't working," said James Donnan, president of Kroll Factual Data. "Frontier is demonstrating bold leadership and a strong commitment to safety and soundness by requiring independent verification on all loans presented to them by their wholesale and retail channels."

Kroll Factual Data's economies of scale and proprietary processes allow it to deliver independent verifications at a lower overall cost than doing the verifications with in-house resources or by assembling a complex set of disparate verification products. Because the verifications are performed externally to the lender's operation and billed according to actual use, lenders also ensure that expense stays in sync with volume for higher profits and better capital efficiency.

The detailed billing and reporting that is included with the service increases traceability and transparency for RESPA compliance. To give lenders an extra measure of protection against errors, Kroll Factual Data's verifications are backed by representations and warrantees of accuracy. Lenders can customize the solution to include a wide range of independent verifications and risk-assessment analytics as required for their specific risk management program.

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