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Frontier Foundries opens Mg casting facility.

Frontier Foundries Opens Mg Casting Facility

Frontier Foundries, Inc, Niagara Falls, NY, recently opened a new facility dedicated to high integrity shell precision magnesium castings.

The new center is part of the company's 96,000 sq ft AMP Division production plant in Titusville, PA, which provides high integrity magnesium castings for high strength, lightweight parts used in automotive, aerospace, hand tool, computer, electrical/electronic, printing equipment, medical products, sporting goods and instrumentation applications.

According to a Frontier spokesman, the company's shell investment mold magnesium castings achieve precise tolerance with smooth surface finishes and intricate detail. Magnesium is comparable in strength and other physical properties to aluminum, but 30% lighter.

The castings are easy to machine, are corrosion-resistant and act as an excellent shield against electromagnetic interference, such as that experienced in computer cases. They also provide damping properties for shock and vibration.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Sep 1, 1989
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