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Frontier Foundries' move to Titusville completes consolidation project.

Despite a tight schedule, Frontier Foundries, Inc, has completed a consolidation project by moving most of its operations to a 125,000-sq-ft facility in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

Frontier, one of North America's leading nonferrous foundries, faced a formidable task of relocating 80 years of accumulated equipment, materials and records from Niagara Falls, New York, to Titusville. The project, which was announced in late June with an Oct 1 startup date in Titusville, went smoothly with little disruption in service, according to the company,

"I am enormously proud of the way the entire organization pitched in," said Bill Gephardt, Frontier's president and chairman. "Excellent teamwork brought it all together without a hitch in just seven weeks."

All foundry operations, laboratory and quality assurance departments are housed in Frontier's new, modern complex. The company now has all of its resources and manufacturing capabilities under one roof, except for the Supreme Div. in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Hegedus Aluminum casting plant in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

The Frontier Div., which specializes in nonferrous sand castings weighing ounces to thousands of pounds, joins the AMP and G.H. Found divisions in the new plant,

The Titusville facility also houses the first magnesium foundry dedicated exclusively to this precision shell process. After its acquisition in early 1990, the G.H. Found Specialty Steel Casting Div also was relocated to the Titusville plant.

Consolidation is just part of Frontier's effort to better position itself for the 1990s and beyond. Much of the company's existing foundry equipment has been refurbished and updated, and considerable capital has been allocated to add new, state-of-the-art melting, molding and coremaking equipment.

In addition, the company's corporate headquarters has been moved from Niagara Falls to a 33,000-sq-ft, former warehouse near the Titusville plant. Because of its size, only about 3000 sq ft of the building was needed for headquarters. The rest of the building has been turned into an easily accessible stocking area that houses maximum inventories of raw materials for the foundry. The warehouse also will serve the Hegedus subsidiary

"Our capabilities as a total responsibility supplier have been increased significantly as a result of our relocation," said Larry Gephardt, Frontier's vice president. "We can now respond immediately to manufacturing requirements rather than have to depend on outside deliveries of bread-and-butter raw materials. Our new, fully computerized inventory-control system keeps us current regarding inventory levels and usage, and helps us to better forecast future needs. And because we're just around the corner from the foundry, we can meet almost any emergency need I can think of."
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Title Annotation:Industry News; Titusville, Pennsylvania
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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