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Front-door deck hangs out over the driveway.

A trellis-covered deck projecting over a lower-level driveway adds outdoor sitting space to this house in Piedmont, California. It's part of a remodel that updates and broadens the house's appearance.

Originally there was an awkward deck that angled back from the entry stairs to the far corner of the garage. But it was small and too exposed. Squared off and expanded a few feet, the new deck is far more useful.

Beneath the front of the 10- by 20-foot deck, a 6-by-14 beam spans the width of the driveway. At each end, 6-inch-diameter steel pipes support the beam. Joists tie the house to the beam, and 2 by 8's form the decking.

A planter-topped wall wraps around the deck and blocks access from the entry, providing a measure of privacy for owners Dorothy and William Pooley.

Overhead, ready-made wooden slat panels rest on a post-and-beam system that extends from the eave. The trellis keeps direct sunlight from overheating the family room. To reach the deck, the owners walk through sliding glass doors that replaced three windows.

To the right o the deck, the recessed front door was brought forward to make an entry foyer inside, and a three-paned bay replaced living room windows. The level of the new entry is three steps lower than before--taller, glass-paned doors bring light to the interior. With only one step up to the door, the entry seems more inviting and less cavelike.

Designer-builder was Daryl Rush of Oakland.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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