Printer Friendly delivers B2B, B2C international e-commerce logistics solutions.

FROM2.COM DELIVERS SIMPLE, COST-EFFECTIVE LOGISTICS solutions to e-businesses serving the Latin American business-to-Business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets. With, a company can quote all-inclusive delivery costs online in advance of the transaction and guarantee international delivery to any address in the world.

"Our Global Delivered Cost Calculator [TM] uses patent-pending technology to calculate all of the costs associated with importing and exporting goods, including freight, insurance, duties, taxes, VAT, customs clearance fees and other related charges," says Leon Falic, CEO and president of the fast-growing company based in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Through a simple interface, provides guaranteed cost quotes directly on the e-merchant's website -- in a manner that is completely invisible to the online shopper. It also allows international customers to select the shipping mode that best meets their needs and to track their shipments online. delivers the merchandise in accordance with the e-buyer's request.

"Our guarantee is simple: punctual, hassle-free worldwide delivery of just about any product -- regardless of size, shape or value or the freight is on us," says Falic. provides all setup, classification, system interaction and quoting services to e-merchants free of charge. derives its revenues from shipping. Each individual package is shipped immediately -- directly from the e-merchant's warehouse to the customer's door.'s e-commerce partners include Miami-based Internet retail firm Element 7 (recently acquired by Sports; Latin American portals Terra and El Sitio; shoe retailer Just-for-Feet; Tallard Technologies, a B2B retail company;, an online aviation parts B2B marketplace; TigerDirect, a subsidiary of Systemax, one of the industry's fastest growing computer assembly companies; internet telephony company (recently infused with $1.4 billion from AT&T), Corex Corp., maker of CardScan and, a fully integrated e-commerce center, to name a few.

"The greatest challenge for online shopping, particularly throughout our primary service region of the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America, has been customs clearance and the actual delivery of purchases," said David Bassett, chairman and CEO of Amerijet International, creator of is also pioneering new B2B logistics services, such as providing trade compliance information to exporters. "Companies selling computers, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods or other products to Latin America must comply with certain rules and regulations," says Falic. "Today, we are the only elogistics company in the world offering this type of trade compliance service. Our goal is to reduce the time, cost and paperwork involved in international B2B transactions."'s innovative solutions provide new revenue opportunities for virtually all types of e-merchants. More than 85% of online retailers and manufacturers interviewed by Forrester Research reported difficulties in delivering their international orders. The three problem areas most often cited were: (1) the complexity of shipping across borders; (2) their system's inability to register international addresses accurately, and (3) an inability to confirm logistics or quote total costs, resulting in consumer dissatisfaction and a high volume of returns.

Since approximately 57% of the world's 259 million Internet users are located in countries outside the United States, it is imperative for e-merchants to offer effective global logistics solutions, says Falic. "Most online sites today don't even offer international shipping, or fail to tell cus6tomers exactly what their overall costs will be. We believe in educating the buyer and eliminating the unknown variables."

Worldwide B2C e-commerce included 23 million shoppers who spent over $15.6 billion online in 1999, and Forrester Research projects B2B e-commerce will reach $1.3 trillion by 2003. "We see huge demand for our service from U.S-based merchants trying to expand their B2C and B2B Internet sales globally, and from Latin American companies trying to increase sales beyond their borders," Falic says.

"The key element for continued growth in international B2B and B2C e-commerce is the convergence of logistics and technology," says Eric Hippeau, president and executive managing director of SOFTBANK International Ventures, which recently provided financing to and is a shareholder in leading Internet companies. " demonstrates the necessary substance and vision to lead the industry by providing e-merchants and e-buyers with a most efficient, innovative and global solution."

To better serve the global B2B market, recently opened its Office of Trade Compliance in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC. has hired seven former high-level U.S. Customs Service officials to oversee and ensure access to government, trade and commercial regulations, while maximizing international compliance through a balanced and innovative program.

"This is the next logical step for us in promoting and expanding's solution to global e-commerce by merging trade compliance with technology and logistics," says Falic. "This step ensures that e-merchants and e-customers powered by can engage legally and confidently in global e-commerce transactions.

"The added value of having such an array of specialized resources under one company umbrella, such as Trade Compliance, Technology, Logistics and Client Services, reaches well beyond B2C and B2B e-commerce. With these resources, can quickly respond to the growing B2G (i.e. business to government) sector with equal commitment, speed and confidence. As companies globalize their online initiatives, can help make it happen faster, more smoothly and most importantly, profitably. "At, we like to say that our corporate roots (or corporate heritage, if you will) were founded in e-commerce. Where e-commerce is today, we have already been. Where international e-commerce is going, is leading the way." also handles customs brokerage and offers comprehensive logistics services through its domestic and international facilities, including warehousing, fulfillment and international door-to-door delivery.

"Although we specialize in e-commerce transactions, we provide a full range of traditional logistics services from packing, crating, and warehousing to transporting cargo by air or ocean," says Falic. " can deliver just about anything to any overseas address." is a logistics intelligence and service provider for global e-commerce, as well as creator of the Global Delivered Cost Calculator TM (GDCC TM), a patent-pending technology that eliminates all cost complexities related to international e-commerce transaction and delivery. The GDCC TM instantly calculates all-inclusive delivered costs in advance for the convenience and assurance of the international e-buyer and e-merchant.'s seamless technology calculates freight, insurance, duties, taxes, VAT, customs clearance fees and other import charges directly on an e-merchant's Web site. also handles trade compliance, customs brokerage, and offers comprehensive logistics services and e-commerce consultancy through its domestic and international facilities, including warehousing, fulfillment, international door-to-door delivery, online tracking capabilities, as well as a broad range of e-enabling technology support and services., headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, with office s in Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; Toronto, Canada, and Santiago, Chile, is now opening offices in other key cities in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
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