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As the volume in hand readily attests, Murlin Croucher, who served as the Slavic Studies Area Bibliographer of Indiana University for twenty-six years, from 1980 until his recent retirement, was--and remains!--a highly regarded professional and valued colleague, much loved by man and beast alike. The Slavic collection at Indiana, one of the very finest in the nation, is a result of his indefatigable labors and his wide-ranging travels. His contribution to the array of bibliographic tools available to Slavicists is unequaled. And he has left a profound mark on a new generation of Slavic librarians, many of whom are contributors to this volume. As he navigates now the calmer waters of retirement in a ship no doubt named "Pugs Rule!", we wish him a bon voyage and many happy hours reading the Festschrift we so gratefully dedicate to him.

Henry R. Cooper, Jr.

Bloomington, Indiana

21 October 2006
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Author:Cooper, Henry R., Jr.
Publication:Indiana Slavic Studies
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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