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From the publications director.

I would like to introduce readers to the new editor of Communication Disorders Quarterly (CDQ), Dr. Judy Montgomery, who begins her tenure with this issue. Obviously, finding an editor who could maintain the standards established by the previous editor, Dr. Kathy Coufal, was a task we approached with considerable care. I am sure readers will find the results of our search very satisfactory.

Dr. Montgomery brings extensive experience and expertise to this position. She currently holds the rank of professor in the School of Education at Chapman University. She has served on the editorial board of CDQ for the past 10 years, most recently as associate editor. Dr. Montgomery is a prolific researcher and gifted instructor with a proven record of providing practical, research-based strategies and techniques that can be easily implemented in school or clinic settings and that address the multifaceted needs of individuals with communication disorders.

Dr. Montgomery holds a doctorate in education from Claremont Graduate University and has more than 23 years' experience as an educator and administrator in both general and special education. Her research and writing focus on professional development, literacy, and response to intervention. As a past president of the Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness--Council for Exceptional Children, she is thoroughly familiar with the expectations that the division holds for its journal.

Although space constraints allow only a partial listing of her accomplishments, it is clear that Dr. Montgomery is a highly qualified scholar who will bring complementary experiences and perspectives to her editorship of CDQ. We at the Hammill Institute on Disabilities welcome her and look forward to the issues prepared under her leadership.

Peggy Kipping

Hammill Institute on Disabilities

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Author:Kipping, Peggy
Publication:Communication Disorders Quarterly
Date:Sep 22, 2007
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