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From the podcast ... Shelby Skrhak and Josh Ellis host Success Insider.

Shelby: I think one of the most important character traits is perseverance. Today we have some tips for how people can persevere in their life.

Josh: First I want to cover one thing that I think is important: the difference between acting tough and truly being tough. Acting tough is about masking your insecurities, denying pain and making yourself believe you're indestructible. It's about pretending failure isn't an option.

Shelby: It's true. Being a strong person is being someone who addresses weaknesses, recognizes his or her shortcomings, strives for self-control, acknowledges emotions and learns from their pain. They believe failure is a part of the success journey.

Josh: Let's dive in. Exercise No. 1: Establish goals. The human brain is naturally predisposed to reach for and achieve goals.

Shelby: No. 2: Set yourself up for success. Realize that there are things you can do to make your environment easier and avoid temptations.


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Date:Aug 1, 2017
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