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From the podcast ...: Shelby Skrhak and Josh Ellis host Success Insider.

Shelby: Awkwardness is a worthy topic for discussion. I think a lot of people, especially introverts, feel awkward and pull back from some social situations.

Josh: Awkwardness comes in many forms: It's saying the wrong thing, not knowing what to say, not making eye contact or having unique body language.

Shelby: Small talk and chitchat are particularly awkward.

Josh: Especially when you're meeting someone new at a networking event.

Shelby: Luckily, we have a few networking tips to share.

Josh: One is to always ask for an in-person meeting when possible. Nothing replaces a face-toface conversation.

Shelby: Another is to always prepare if it's someone you know you're meeting ahead of time. You'll feel more confident if you do some research first.

Josh: And always follow up quickly after meeting the person, especially in business situations.



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Date:Oct 1, 2017
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