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From the margins. (Surveying The Soundscape).

From the Margins: Next on the pile is the show guide from T.H.E. Expo (The Home Entertainment Expo). That's the mini-show that used to operate in the St. Tropez hotel right next door to the Alexis Park. This year that show moved a few blocks away to the newer than new Tuscany Hotel. The Tuscany was so new that it was still being built while the show was going on inside.

By moving (particularly to an under-construction venue), T.H.E. Expo further marginalized itself. It seemed even more than ever to be the refuge of high-end audio's lunatic fringe. The general dearth of musical reproduction there -- with a few exceptions -- reinforced that impression.
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Title Annotation:The Home Entertainment Expo
Publication:Sensible Sound
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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