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From the mailbox.

Thanks so much for your superb steering of the great publication ship coiled GRIT. I love it deeply, and why not? My dear Mother got us on board many years ago

That's our Peggy

Thanks to dear friend and Associate Editor Peggy Mooney who brought a few copies of The GRIT to Cottonwood Falls, Kan., to share. We have found The GRIT again -- we hadn't seen a copy in years! I made my phone call and paid for two gift subscriptions for Christmas. I can't wait to start receiving The GRIT in the mail, as I gave one gift subscription to my hubby. (Now was that a smart gift, or what?)

We love Peggy and enjoy her writing and her stories. So not only do we get to read Peggy and enjoy .her stones, but several other writers, too! I just wanted you to know how pleased we are to have found The GRIT again, thanks to Peggy. I know when each issue comes, I'll turn to read what she has written first.

I can't wait to be a regular reader again. Thanks again, Peggy, for helping us back to The GRIT. I've told, many friends to look up The GRIT on the Internet, read Peggy's story, and then subscribe.

Thanks for such a great publication.

Sonda Bruce

Cedar Point, Kan.

Heart Friends

Donna, your timely editorials are wonderful. They almost always touch a "tender spot" in each of us, myself included. I appreciate, you so very much, and I love you, even though we've never actually met. I feel as if we've been friends forever. And, in a way, I guess we are friends: suffering, pain and heartache all have a profound way of making us friends. Real, true; heart friends!

Thanks so much for your superb steering of the great publication ship called GRIT. I love it' deeply, and why not? My dear Mother got us on board many. years ago. It is unusually great since the Lord allowed you to take over the editorship. This is from my heart. You are God's gift to the many of us who have loved and respected GRIT from our childhood days. You are a blessing, my dear, and I pray for you, Donna, as the Lord brings you before me.

I pray that this beautiful day here in Central Pennsylvania you are feeling well and staying encouraged in the Lord, who promised, "I will 'never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Lo, I am with you always, even to the. end of the world."

I have proven Him true (as I know. you and Ward have) countless times. Through each' deep sorrow, dark tunnel, every ache and pain, He is with me, giving me marvelous joy and the blessed comfort and love of His holy presence.

Stay encouraged in the Lord, precious Donna. He loves and cares for you. So do we.

Lucille King

Mifflinburg, Pa.

GRIT tweaked future publisher

When I lived in Louisiana in the early 1960s I read GRIT. The color pictures GRIT ran fascinated me. I was a paper carrier for the little Crowley Signal, and I never saw my paper run color photographs.

Fast forward nearly 40 years and I'm the publisher of a 16,500 daily newspaper in Gallup, N.M. Guess what we do? We run color on nearly every page. Someplace in your organization you can tell the old timers that they influenced a young boy who grew up to do what you all 'tweaked in him. I tell you thanks for all our readers 'who enjoy our color today.

Bob Zollinger

Gallup, N.M.

GRIT is still great

GRIT is a great magazine. Your features are wholesome and family oriented, a welcome alternative to what is offered by other publications today.

I didn't even realize GRIT was published anymore, until about a year or so ago, when I saw it offered in a school magazine drives When I received the first issue, I was thrilled; Your magazine hasn't changed much at all over the years. Each issue brings back memories.

When I was growing up, my Grandmother would go grocery shopping every Thursday Each week, she would bring home the Latest copy of GRIT. I looked forward to Thursdays, because I knew she would be bringing it home. I hope your magazine stays the same and doesn't change for many, many more years. Keep up the good work.

I really enjoy All the Dirt from Darlene. I have a small garden and enjoy what she has to say, as well as the comments from the garden club.

Again, thanks for The GRIT, and God bless you all.

Joseph Smith

Hilliard, Fla.

Tattered is good!

I just wanted to let you know I so appreciate that you included my request in your Neighbor to Neighbor column for information on the poem Man Descended, (Oct. 28). I got quick results, but still no author. It seems he disappeared into the woodwork. I think that poem is so good the author deserves credit.

I enjoy your magazine so much that I can't say, like so many others do, that I pass it on. By the time I'm through with it, it's Pretty tattered. I cut out so many things I want to save: good recipes, puzzles and so many good articles. And no one needs to be ashamed to have anyone see their GRIT, except me, because I've left mine so mangled. I guess I'm worse than a puppy when I get it.

I wrote this poem, partly in answer to my own request. It's my thoughts on that unknown author.

Author Unknown

I do believe

Are some words

That make me grieve.

When it is so good

That he deserves credit

Was he really? Or was

He deleted by 'edit'?

Of some it seems

We'll never really know.

Was it Whittier Scott,

Or maybe Longfellow?

Who wrote those words

We'll never see;

But ahh ... I wish

It had been me.

Thanks again to all of you.

You, too, are great.

Mary Ellen VanDeCar

Charlevoix, Mich.

A real encouragement

I really enjoy GRIT Magazine, especially your human interest stories. So many things have happened to you, Donna, yet you keep smiling -- a real encouragement. I wait eagerly for my magazine to come, and I read it from cover to cover. I really hate to part with them, but I do, giving them to friends. I took one to my niece in the hospital recently. She has Wagner's disease and has really been discouraged.

Thank you for allowing readers to submit articles to your wonderful GRIT. And thanks again for publishing some of mine in GRIT.

I am married, with four children and five grandchildren. I'm a writer and artist who travels as much as possible.

Romaine Webster

Matthews, N.C.
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Date:Jan 6, 2002
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