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From the inside-out.

I really loved "GL, Make Me Over!" [F/M '04]. It was great how you guys had both life changes, and makeup and hair changes, too! It was a really cool idea. The only question I have is why I didn't get a GL makeover!


Wow! "GL, Make Me Over!" was very helpful. I am now beautified. I got my hair cut and got some new clothes. Thanks a lot!


I loved reading your makeovers. There were some great tips in there! I am now totally pumped to hit the gym.


I have a problem with your makeover article. Yes, you changed the girls inside and out by highlighting their hair, completely changing their thoughts about makeup and clothes, and saying it was making them better. So, by destroying who they were and who they were meant to be is making them better?


We called it "make-better" because sometimes a healthy change in eating habits, setting a life goal or even finding just the right lip gloss can give a girl a huge boost in self-esteem. But, rest assured, we don't encourage changing your personality, beliefs or values along with your new stylin' haircut!

For months, I've had braces. But, when I saw that "GL, Make Me Over!" had Jules and Christy wearing braces, I was amazed. You should feature girls with braces more often.

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Title Annotation:Letters: we've got mail!
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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