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From the executive director.

Dear Colleagues,

It is such an honor to be sitting in The World History

Association (WHA) Office here at Northeastern University. As an organization, we are experiencing our renaissance through our relocation and reexamining our trajectory toward the future. Through the WHA Officers and Executive Committee, ideas from the past and present are guiding us toward informed decisions that will create long-term benefits.

Boston has proven favorable to us. With the help of Heather Streets-Salter, we have found a fitting new home at Northeastern University. The first two months were a whirlwind of adaptation, establishing our physical presence in the Northeastern University office, and engaging continuing and lapsed members with an eye to future growth. Our membership efforts have generated positive results, as this year we have gained an additional 170 members compared with 2014. For those who have reconnected with us--welcome back!

My induction into The WHA has been filled with good moments. During the autumn, I attended a dinner meeting including WHA, New England Regional World History Association (NERWHA) and National Council for the Social Studies members. Since collaboration is vital to the road ahead, this induction was particularly helpful in forming a vision. Winston Welch and Jackie Wah have been invaluable in guiding the office forward. So many invested members of The WHA have provided background to our organization--our Executive Committee, Executive Council and past presidents and I feel indebted to these people for their feedback and commitment.

This March, we attended the NERWHA Spring Symposium here on the Northeastern campus. It was particularly meaningful as the day honored Patrick Manning's vision in the field of World History. Meeting a variety of faculty, teachers and scholars who are connected to our association and mission was yet another opportunity for the office to stay active in the regional landscape.

Preparing our office for the 24th Annual Conference in Savannah brings many of us together in a meaningful way. We are working diligently to coordinate outstanding academic programming, memorable receptions and networking opportunities. Behind the scenes, planning has already begun for our 25th Annual Conference in Ghent, Belgium, marking the 100th year anniversary of World War I. Both conferences will continue the spirit of camaraderie of a WHA Conference in cities that offer scholars of history a backdrop of adventure and sightseeing related to the field.

Through a stroke of good fortune, we found a most qualified Northeastern student worker named Cathy Tripp. Although only a freshman, Cathy's resume boasts accomplishments highlighting her dedication and high standards, as well as her academic interest in history. She has been invaluable in organizing our office and general office work, communicating with outside audiences, and taking on special projects, such as event items related to The WHA Savannah Conference. She is clearly a talented young woman with a promising future.

In the first year of the WHA Graduate Student Assistant role, Malcolm Purinton has been very involved with the transition and move from Hawaii to Boston. Since my beginnings in October, Malcolm has been instrumental in both the day-to-day workings of updating and developing new content for the WHA website while also planning local outreach to area colleges and universities. He has also taken on supportive roles in the organization and continues to follow through on conference planning for both the upcoming 2015 WHA conference in Savannah and the 2016 conference in Ghent while working with the local WHA affiliate, NERWHA, as a member of their Executive Committee. Although his official capacity with The WHA concludes at the end of the academic year, he will continue to remain a faithful member of our association. Malcolm looks forward to many years of involvement with the association in other capacities.

We have embarked together on a new journey that began in the Fall. Envisioning and implementing change is never an easy feat. From my windows here in Boston, the future of The WHA is bright. Craig Benjamin and Rick Warner have been positive for our association and together they are a tour de force who embody the definition of teamwork. Their efforts work well in conjunction with fellow officers, Maryanne Rhett and Carolyn Neel, and other members of the Executive Council, who are all equally committed and diligent. It remains my privilege to work for such exceptional scholars and professionals.

Ultimately, my objectives are serving The WHA to be best of my ability with an eye on new initiatives and helping to map out a direction for our future. Please contact me with your feedback that will keep us forging forward. We can be reached at 617-373-6818 or

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of The WHA!

Kerry Vieira

Admin Coordinator/Executive Director
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Author:Vieira, Kerry
Publication:World History Bulletin
Date:Mar 22, 2015
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