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From the editors.

As often occurs, this issue of The Victorian Naturalist is relatively wide-ranging in the subject matter of its contents. This diversity of coverage is largely a function of the material accepted for publication in the journal; except in the case of 'special' issues, papers are generally gathered according to their order of acceptance. Notwithstanding, there is perhaps a slight bias in this issue toward the arthropods: a Contribution referring to dragonflies; a Naturalist Note on spiders; and a Book Review on butterflies.

The issue also includes a paper on the flora of the Cocoparra Ranges, which puts into print a record of changes that have occurred in local vegetation. Papers such as this are an important component of the role of this journal since they provide accessible bases for comparison with the results of future studies.

One of the books reviewed in this issue--Graham Patterson's Coastal guide to nature and history--recently received a Commendation in the 2014 Victorian Community History Awards. These awards are made annually under the aegis of the Public Record Office Victoria and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. The Editors are pleased to congratulate the author, a fellow member of the FNCV.

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Publication:The Victorian Naturalist
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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