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From the editors.

As ITID enters its ninth volume, we welcome two new Associate Editors to our Editorial Board, Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol and Joyojeet Pal. ITID's Associate Editors play a key role as they nurture the journal, ensure its quality, and enhance its reach. They help solicit contributions, triage submissions, assign reviewers, and provide careful feedback as they shepherd articles toward final acceptance. In many cases, as Jenna Burrell and Richard Boateng have done for this current issue, they coordinate several articles and write editorials. We are delighted that Mireia and Joyojeet have agreed to assume this important position.

Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol is a senior researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) at the Open University of Catalonia and a lecturer in the Department of Econometrics, Statistics, and Spanish Economy at the University of Barcelona. She is codirector of IN3's "Mobile Communication, Economy and Society" research program. Mireia's research explores the impact of mobile communication on social change and socioeconomic development, as well as that of economic activity and innovation in small and micro firms. She coauthored Mobile Communication and Society: A Global Perspective with Manuel Castells, Jack Qiu, and Araba Sey, as well as Comunicacion Movil y Desarrollo Economico y Social en America Latina with Castells and Hernan Galperin. The latter book was reviewed in ITID's last issue (Vol. 8, Issue 4).

Joyojeet Pal is an assistant professor at the School of Information at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His current focus is on the study and development of assistive technology for disabled people in the developing world. Joyojeet brings with him both a wealth of experience and a vast network. His prior work spans interventionist work facilitating the sharing of PCs in Indian government schools to theoretical analysis of the role of computer engineers in South Indian popular cinema. He has done research at some of the best-known centers for ICTD, including NYU, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Washington, Microsoft Research, and UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, Joyojeet did his PhD work in the Department of City and Regional Planning and the School of Information.

Mireia and Joyojeet join Associate Editors Roxana Barrantes, Richard Boateng, Jenna Burrell, and Gary Marsden. Together they form a remarkable team, spanning several continents and crossing disciplines that range from economics and information studies to computer science and sociology. We are extremely grateful for their contribution to the continuing excellence of our journal.

Francois Bar


Kentaro Toyama


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Author:Bar, Francois; Toyama, Kentaro
Publication:Information Technologies & International Development
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 22, 2013
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