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From the editors.

In the second issue of The Writing Center Journal under his editorship, Dave Healy began his own "From the Editor" column with the observation that, having taken care of a number of editorial housekeeping items, he planned to "fade into the background, where editors, like umpires, belong" (101).

Under Dave's editorship, The Writing Center Journal published some of its most distinguished and controversial pieces, including Pete Carino's "Early Writing Centers: Toward a History," Terrance Riley's "The Unpromising Future of Writing Centers," Stephen North's "Revisiting the Idea of a Writing Center," and Deb Burns and Linda Shamoon's "A Critique of Pure Tutoring," to name a few. As promised, Dave did fade into the background in those subsequent issues, and then he faded away--so much so that an interview with him has become the second installment in our new series "Whatever Happened to ..."

Scholarly publications are, to some extent, monologic, despite their authors' best efforts to acknowledge influences, provide context, engage opposition. The dialogic engagement, many of us know, lies in the events leading up to publication: the conversations with staff and colleagues about some really cool ideas; the gathering of evidence and testing of hypotheses; the initial presentation of results at local, regional, and national or international venues; the revision and reconsideration as a result of provocative audience response. In an effort to capture some of that formative energy, we offer in this issue of WCJ Victor Villanueva's keynote address from the October, 2005, IWCA/NCPTW conference in Minneapolis, MN, followed by two conference reflections from our roving reporters, Melissa Ianetta and Lauren Fitzgerald.

Now, in a nod to Dave Healy, we, too, will get out of the way (but for this one time only!) and turn the issue over to our authors without further delay.


Healy, Dave. "From the Editor." The Writing Center Journal 15.2 (1995): 100-101.

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Publication:Writing Center Journal
Date:Sep 22, 2006
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