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From the editors.

Welcome, Judy! As the retiring editor-in-chief, I am pleased to have Judy assuming this position. She will provide outstanding leadership for Communication Disorders Quarterly (CDQ). It has been a rewarding experience to work with our outstanding editorial board and contributing authors. I am confident that CDQ will continue to evolve under the new editor and editorial board.

Kathy Coufal

Wichita State University, Kansas

With this issue, CDQ begins its 29th volume year. This is a remarkable milestone in the field of special education. For 29 years, CDQ has provided professionals in the fields of speech, language, hearing, and deaf education with a place to both contribute to the knowledge base and discover new information and ideas from the research-based educational strategies found in its articles. This journal has been a leader in the field of special education, and its success can be attributed directly to those of you who have been loyal readers, contributing authors, and reviewers.

Many valuable contributions have been made in the prior volumes of CDQ by a great many researchers and service providers. You will see many of these fine editors and authors returning with new articles--they continue to be prolific thinkers and writers. I owe a special debt of gratitude to the editors of CDQ who have preceded me--Drs. Kathy Coufal and Alejandro Brice.

CDQ is the official journal of the Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness of the Council for Exceptional Children. The Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness board and membership are key supporters of this effort to engage the professionals of this diverse field. Readers can look forward to new columns, articles by international authors and editors, and insightful interviews in From the Field, as well as special topics issues like this one on multicultural issues, which was inspired and organized by Dr. Lilly Cheng. There will be a renewed focus on deaf education and audiology topics.

The publication of CDQ would not be possible without the dedicated and hard-working associate editors and board of consulting editors. Many of these people have supported CDQ with their fair and knowledgeable review of manuscripts under past editors. To these dedicated individuals I offer a hearty "thank you"--for your loyalty to the journal and for your continued willingness to work with us over the next few years. Many new colleagues from other countries and continents have joined us. To these new colleagues I say, "Welcome"; I look forward to working with you. I pledge to continue the valuable contributions that CDQ has made to the field of education for students with communication disabilities. I am very excited to be the new editor of this journal, and I look forward to your continued readership and manuscript submissions that make this publication a success.

As did previous editors, I will continue to solicit articles of original research of high-quality and practical application to a diverse field. I am dedicated to bringing our readership meaningful ideas and innovation linked to solid theory and evidence. In addition, I will be expanding to more international articles, multicultural sensitivity, and family-focused topics to assist practitioners.

I am also fortunate to have Jen Shubin, doctoral student in disability studies at Chapman University, as my managing editor. She has a background and many years experience in communication disorders. She is skilled and dedicated to continuing the fine reputation of this journal. The associate editors, special issue editors, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions as you engage in this reading. I believe it will be a good ride.

Judy Montgomery

Chapman University, Orange, California
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Author:Coufal, Kathy; Montgomery, Judy
Publication:Communication Disorders Quarterly
Date:Sep 22, 2007
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