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From the editors of Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.

This issue of Literacy Learning: the Middle Years is the first for 2009 and heralds a new colour for the cover and further reading about literacy learning in the middle years of schooling. This journal offers its readers, including teachers, pre-service teachers and academics, a wide range of articles about the learning and teaching of literacy in the middle years. However, the success of the journal is reliant on the participation of those who have an interest in literacies.

As everyone is no doubt aware, literacy is a contested field and we are bombarded on an almost daily basis by narrow views about what constitutes literacy learning and about what schools and teachers should be doing to ensure that all students reach the highest possible standards. However, as a group, literacy teachers are often quiet while debates about literacy are raging in the media. Everyone it seems has an opinion about literacy, but those who teach literacies often remain silent. As the editors of a journal with an audience of literacy educators, we encourage you to take an active role in the debates and to contribute to the documenting of 'good' practice. It is important that we demonstrate the complexities of literacy learning and teaching, and the commitment of literacy educators to their students' learning.

This journal provides an opportunity for all literacy educators to contribute to discussions about literacy learning, whether in the form of feedback or opinions about articles that have been published, or by writing an article for publication. We encourage all readers to become active advocates for literacy learning by contributing to Literacy Learning: the Middle Years. The next two issues will take a broad focus on diversity--diverse learners, diverse literacy programs, and innovative strategies, methods and interventions. However, we need help from you, to ensure a wide range of views and approaches. Please read the call for papers for details. We look forward to hearing your comments and reading your contributions.

Send articles to:

Robyn Henderson: Or phone Robyn Henderson on 07 4631 2692 for further information

The Editorial Team:

Dr Robyn Henderson, Dr Annette Woods & Dr Elizabeth Hirst

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Author:Henderson, Robyn; Woods, Annette; Hirst, Elizabeth
Publication:Literacy Learning: The Middle Years
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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