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Recently I attended the annual Symposium in Denver Colorado hosted by the ACA Council on Diagnosis & Internal Disorders and the ACA Council on Nutrition.

Many great presenters brought cutting edge information to the group. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of so many great physicians. This conference had many primary care doctors who are likeminded in natural health care.

I watched the crowd move from the meeting room to the exhibitors hall throughout the conference. They were eager to gain knowledge from all directions. I noticed that the crowd was totally engaged in the learning process. I attend many state association conventions and usually the doctors are more interested in golfing, boating or just visiting for the weekend. How refreshing the Denver event was!

I had to take a step down memory lane to the mid 90's when Dr. Jack Kessinger and I planned the first Symposium for the Council on Diagnosis & Internal Disorders. It was on The Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. The enthusiasm was the same, but the crowd was much smaller. We had a couple of exhibitors, as compared to over 30 this past weekend. I saw several faces in Denver who were at that first conference in San Antonio.

That brings my wandering mind back to one of Dr. Kessinger's basic truths. When you have a core value of thought processes, the facts are always the facts; basic information stays the same. Then you move forward, adding to your foundation. Never move away from that "home base" thinking. If a physician is truly dedicated to getting sick people well, they will always strive to become better educated. He used to tell his students that, "you can become an expert in any field if you dedicate about five years of your life to educate yourself in that direction." Of course, he never followed those rules himself He set aside time every day of his life for studying, writing and researching. That was his hobby.

Is it any wonder that Dr. Kessinger was honored this year with an award to be presented annually at the ACA Council on Diagnosis & Internal Disorders Symposium. It will be known as the Dr. Jack Kessinger Educator of The Year Award. I was very happy to hear this announcement. It is well deserved.

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Date:Jun 1, 2014
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