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From the editor.

After three years as Editor, Ghada H. Talhami has turned over the editorship of Arab Studies Quarterly to pursue her ongoing distinguished academic career. Her years of leadership, first as Co-Editor with William W. Haddad, and then as Editor were ones of outstanding accomplishment. Under Ghada Talhami's editorship, ASQ published articles on Algeria, the Turkish-Israeli alliance, media bias, sectarianism and business in Lebanon, Palestine, and a host of others. She continued the tradition of publishing special issues on such crucial--even prescient--topics as the Sudan, water issues in the Middle East, and most recently, Iraq: Sanctions and the World. The AAUG and readers of ASQ are indebted to both Professors Talhami and Haddad for their careful scholarship and tireless commitment to excellence.

In keeping with past practice, the Board of Directors of the AAUG has appointed a new Editor, Janice J. Terry. This issue, Winter 2002, marks the first ASQ under the new editorial group. Ibrahim Aoude will serve as both Co-Editor and Book Review Editor and Maher Bages will act as Associate Editor. The AAUG Board, ASQ Board of Editors and Advisory Board and the Editors will strive to maintain the scholarly traditions established by the previous editors of ASQ, in particular, Talhami and Haddad, whose leadership serves as an ideal model.

At a time when the Arab world faces a daunting array of domestic, regional, and international challenges, it is more important than ever that the ASQ continue its twenty year history of encouraging new scholars and in providing a forum for debates and discourse on the myriad of problems facing the Arabs and the Middle East. The founders of ASQ, notably the late Ibrahim Abu Lughod and the journal's first editor, Edward Said, established a policy of publishing progressive scholarship on the Arab world. The new editors of ASQ and AAUG remain committed to that founding principle.

Janice J. Terry
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Publication:Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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