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From the editor.

When our news editor, Tyler Irving, told me he wanted to interview some chemical engineers at the University of Toronto who were analyzing beaver poop and moose guts I thought "Great! A wildlife story!" But of course, Tyler's article "Nature's Industrialists" on page 24 is hardly a fuzzy-animal tale; it's a story about how chemical engineers are probing nature for ways to revolutionize huge industrial sectors like commodity chemicals, forestry and oil and gas. The story--along with an introductory essay by Tim Lougheed and a Q and A on the ups and downs of managing a biotech business--showcases how the future of biotech depends on the chemical sciences and engineering, the thesis for this special issue on biotechnology.

This is also the last issue of 2012, and the editorial team is now gearing up for 2013 which promises to be a transformational year for ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News.

We aim to be "Your Information Nucleus"--the source to which you turn to stay involved and in touch with the Canadian chemical sciences and engineering community. So we asked ourselves "How can we deliver more content to our readers in a more timely, more accessible and more interactive way?" The answer, we know from our readership survey, from your letters and from meeting you at conferences, is clear: we need to grow our online content. To do this, we'll be delivering the same great magazine content in six 48-page hard-copy magazines, rather than our current 32-page issues 10 times each year. The new, larger magazine will include two new editorial columns, expanded Chemical News and Society News sections, longer, more in-depth feature stories, and more. This shift will also accommodate an upgrade to our electronic content, such as the new electronic newsletter that delivers career advice and some of the latest happenings of the CSC, CSChE and CSCT every week.

2013 will also see the launch of our new blog where we will bring you the latest developments in a more timely, more interactive venue. And that's just the beginning.

We invite you to visit throughout the months of November and December as we unveil what we've got in store for you in 2013.

Hope you enjoy the read!

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Author:Di Menna, Jodi
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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