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From the editor.

This issue features two articles by Colonel Franz, Chief, Information Dominance Center (IDC), ISAF and Lieutenants Colonel Pendall and Steffen on how the International Security Assistance Command has implemented an information-sharing architecture to create a comprehensive common operating picture across the Afghan theater. The IDC is the most decisive information and knowledge management effort ever executed in Afghanistan with a focus on governance and development, key aspects that most impact the daily lives of Afghans.

Colonel Cox presents the case for a new intelligence discipline, Document Exploitation or DOMEX. He presents the historical context and follows through to today's operations with comments and recommendations. Major Harris and Captain Bronson describe lessons learned and observations from the deployment of the first active duty Maneuver Enhancement Brigade to Afghanistan with the mission to manage terrain and C2 operations. Major Assadourian discusses a holistic approach to developing security metrics. First Lieutenant Hancock explores the emerging field of Memetics and implications for memetic operations in the military environment. Claudia Baisini and James Nyce make a case for the inclusion of Experiential Learning techniques in traditional military training to meet the challenges of fighting in non-traditional operating environments. Chief Warrant Officer Two Negron discusses the capabilities of the Tactical Exploitation System-Forward for use in a Communications Intelligence function. Vee Herrington, USAICoE's Chief of the U.S. Army's MI Library at Fort Huachuca, describes an ongoing experiment to incorporate eReaders into training.

Readers will also find articles on the 2010 MI Hall of Fame inductees and the 2010 recipient of the LTG Weinstein Award within the issue. As the Doctrine reengineering efforts continue, we offer a focus article on the recently released FM 2-0, Intelligence.

In an effort to catch up, the October December 2009 issue is now the July September 2010 issue. That means there will be no October December 2009 issue. You will find all of the articles and information scheduled for that issue in the July September 2010 issue. As the Editor, I apologize for any inconvenience to both the writers and readers of MIPB. If you have any questions regarding this please email to

Mark your calendars: The 2010 Intelligence Warfighters Summit--The Critical Enabler for Full Spectrum Operations is scheduled for 6 through 10 December at Fort Huachuca.

Sterilla A. Smith


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Author:Smith, Sterilla A.
Publication:Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
Date:Apr 1, 2010
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