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From the editor.

This issues marks the beginning of a new publishing year for us. I am most grateful to all who support our efforts; our writers, editors, artists, photographers, advertisers, distributors and especially you, the reader. Since 1967 I have tried to provide the best in American Indian crafts and material culture and a look at the ever changing powwow world. I hope I have succeeded. Thanks to all.

This issue begins with a basic piece of male dance regalia, the roach spreader. Male dancers wearing roaches need this piece to hold the roach on their heads and display roach feathers. Jim Johnston of Omaha, Nebraska presents easy to follow instruction on the construction and beading of the spreader with illustrations by my wife, Darlene. Thanks Jim and Darlene.

Frequent contributor and staff writer Richard Green provides a look at Northern Plains loop necklaces. First published in 1983, Richard has updated his manuscript with fresh text and photos. Thanks Richard. The Northern Plains loop necklace illustrated in the original 1983 piece, (pp.8 & 10 of the present article), was left unsold after a church rummage sale in Solihull, West Midlands, England in 1982. It was subsequently rescued by one of the organizers and given to a friend of Richard's, from whom he swapped it for a bear claw necklace in 1982!

Thank you to Allen Chronister for this issue's 'Glimpses' of Cheyenne leaders in 1863 and Thank you to Mike Kostelnik for a continuing look at Cheyenne style 'boots' in this issue's MoccasinCorner.

Thanks to Loren Woerpel for his CraftCorner article on dream catchers. Still a popular item for powwow vendors, this little piece of material culture still has popularity as a symbol of Native American spirituality. Continuing of the craft side, Sam West presents us with an analysis of his fully beaded Lakota style vest. Thanks Sam.

Conley Mcanally is back with another look at life in the Yukon. This time is has brought educator Effie Hadley to our pages with her remembrances of life in the far north. Thank you Snapper and Effie.

As summer powwow season begins to wind down, photographer Craig Jones and editor Dana LaQuay give us a glimpse at the look of 2006's Chicken dancers. This style of dance outfit has changed in the 3 years since it was introduced to the modern competitive powwow; more beadwork and bright colors. Thanks Dana and Craig. And Thanks to Bill Walker for his PowwowCircle thoughts on the drum and those who keep the dance's heart beat alive.

As I mentioned in last issue, MusicCorner editor Gene Bates was presenter at this year's Native American Music Awards. His report and the list of winners is presented in this issue. Thanks Gene and congratulations on this honor. Thanks also to Terry Robinson for this 'Powwowing' cartoon on page 39 and to new cartoonist, Tim Davis of Chicago, for his humor on page 38.
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Publication:Whispering Wind
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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