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From the editor.

With the cold winds blowing throughout the land; even here in Southeast Louisiana, I've provided our readers with plenty of reading material. So, pull up your favorite chair in front of a cozy fire and with a warm beverage in hand and begin enjoying this issue.

Women's work bags are discussed in two articles in this issue. From across the pond in Birmingham, England, Richard Green discusses Plains women's work bags. These bags were used by women for many tasks, holding their tools and sewing implements. Richard highlights his discussion with photographs of some of the bags in his collection. Thank you Richard.

The second article on bags is by Larry Belitz of Hot Springs, South Dakota. Larry is an accomplished craftsman--including buffalo hide tipis. Larry authored the books, The Buffalo Hide Tipi of the Sioux and Brain Tanning the Sioux Way (available from Written Heritage). The bag discussed is a tipi maker's bundle, the only one known in existence, belonging to Hincala Luta Win or Red Buffalo Calf Woman, Assiniboine, born in 1864. Thank you Larry.

The craft article in this issue is by frequent contributor Joe Rosenthal of El Cerrito, California. Mr. Rosenthal details the use of quillwork on feather shafts. Joe is author of the newly published book Warriors of the Plains, available from Written Heritage. Thank you Joe for sharing your craft knowledge with our readers.

Glimpses this issue is by Barry Hardin of Slidell, Louisiana which features a look at The Indian Congress at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition, Omaha, Nebraska held in 1898 with Frank Rinehart photographs.

David Tower of Edinburg, Virginia presents his craftwork of a Cheyenne cradle board in this issue's Crafter's Corner. Thank you David.

In keeping with the freeze taking over most of the country, Conley McAnally is back with his story of survival in the arctic in YukonCorner. Thank you Conley.

PowwowFashions editor Craig Jones of West Palm Beach, Florida presents a look at the Horsetail dance. This style is seen at northern powwows as a contest special. Thank you Craig. Thank you to Chris Roberts of Meadowlark Ventures, Missoula, Montana for providing the images of this unique contest style. Readers can visit Chris' website at

Thank you to Terry Robinson for this issue's powwow cartoon.

And a final thank you to all of our readers, advertisers, distributors, writers, and staff for allowing me to present the very best in craft technique and understanding of American Indian material culture, tradition and dance. Thanks for letting us come into your home.

Jack Heriard

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Author:Heriard, Jack
Publication:Whispering Wind
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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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