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From the editor.

Bonnets have become a symbol of American Indian headwear. Unfortunately some wearers do not understand the significance of this highly respected and earned piece of Native American material culture. This issue's PowwowFashions highlights the different styles of bonnets from the better known 'war bonnet' to caps adorned with fur hides. Craig Jones' descriptions and Paul Gowder's photographs of these many variances show the importance of the bonnet to the wearer. As a side note, the new book by Barry Hardin, The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction (Crazy Crow Trading Post, 2013) provides an excellent look at its construction, history and meaning. This new book is reviewed in this issue's BookCorner. Thank you Paul of and Craig of West Palm Beach, Florida.

This issue begins with a craft article on Gourd Dance sashes by frequent contributor Barry Hardin (American Indian Room) of Slidell, Louisiana. The Gourd Dance has evolved from a Kiowa warrior society dance in the early 20th century to a main stay of the modern southern powwow. Barry provides a detailed description of one of the essential parts of the dance accessory for the Gourd dancer. Thank you Barry.

In a previous edition of WW, Richard Green presented an article on dragonfly motifs. In this issue James Keyser of Portland, Oregon highlights the use of this motif as shield heraldry found on a shield from Writing-On-Stone in southern Alberta. Thank you Jim.

Henri van de Esschert of Borculo, Netherlands presents his classic Blackfoot style war shirt is this issue's Crafter's Corner. Thank you Henri.

Louis Garcia of Tokio, North Dakota helps preserve the history and culture of the Spirit Lake Dakota with his description of the Standing Chief Dance Hall. Thank you Louie.

Glimpses by Allen Chronister of Helena, Montana looks at historical photographs by J.K. Hillers taken in 1875 at Okmulgee, Oklahoma Indian Territory. Thank you Allen.

Thank you to our book and music reviewers for this issue's selections. Thank you to long time contributor Terry Robinson for this issue's powwow cartoon. One of our frequent book and music reviewers, Dr. Dawn Karima along with Cloudwalker won a 2013 Native American Music Award (NAMMY) for Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording for her CD The Desire of Nations. Congratulations Dawn.

And a final thank you to all of our readers, advertisers, distributors, writers, and staff for allowing me to present the very best in craft technique and understanding of American Indian material culture, tradition and dance. Thanks for letting us come into your home.

Jack Heriard

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Author:Heriard, Jack
Publication:Whispering Wind
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2013
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