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From the editor.

This issue focuses on counterinsurgency operations (COIN); the articles ranging from tactical level to support to Joint operations.

Increasingly, the articles we receive for publication are being designated as unclassified/For Official Use Only (FOUO) requiring protection. Please access the following MIPB FOUO articles at the University of Military Intelligence:, Intellink-SBU:, and on ICON:

January-March 07

RSTA Squadron Operations in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team by Captain John C. Griswold

Logical Lines of Operations: A Planning Construct for Full Spectrum Operations by Jack D. Kem, PhD

CJTF Effects Assessments: a Paradox in Military Decision Making by Lieutenant Colonel James D. Lee

October-December 06

WARP at the BCT Level by Donald Smith, NRO

Geospatial Intelligence in Urban Areas by Steven E. Rogan, NGA

The National Counterterrorism Center (currently unavailable) by Keith M. Preising

April-June 06

Department of the Army Intelligence Information Services (DA IIS) by Dennis F. Murphy

January-March 06

MIRC Mission and Organization by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sands

Lessons Learned Trends: August 2005 Through March 2006 by Lessons Learned Team, Directorate of Doctrine, USAIC&FH

October-December 2005

History of Open Source Exploitation in the Intelligence Community by Douglas Peek by Douglas Peek

SIR: The Value of Sound by Dr. John N. Monroe, Jr., PhD

Every Dog Has Its Day, and Every Soldier is a Sensor (ES2) by Robert A. Cuddeback

Sterilla A. Smith

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Author:Smith, Sterilla A.
Publication:Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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