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From the editor.

Thomas Whitecloud III, M.D. (1949-2003) with his wife Mercedes, was a collector of American Indian material culture, both past and present. I worked with Dr. Whitecloud for 25 years at Tulane University Medical Center and it is a personal pleasure to be able to present a very small portion of his collection in this issue. The Whitecloud collection goes on exhibit in November at the New Orleans Museum of Art. My thanks to the museum staff for providing the photos and text for this presentation beginning on page 10.

This issue is packed with plenty of reading and craft projects in case the cost of gasoline is keeping you home from the powwow trail! Starting off, Thanks to Associate Editor Peter Durkin, for a look at the remarkable fan craftsmanship of Patrick Scott (Navajo). Peter's photographs gives our readers a colorful look at his work. Thanks Peter.

Thanks to staff writer and contributor Richard Green of Great Britain for a look at Plateau ladies' heart-shaped bags in the Allen Hughes collection. Thanks Richard. Continuing on the crafts side of this issue, Thanks to Benson Lanford of Ashland, Oregon for attaching elk teeth and other ornamentation to clothing. Thanks Benson. CraftCorner editor Loren Woerpel presents an easy explanation of cutting leather thongs. Thanks Loren. Bruce Henderson presents his beautiful Plateau and Plains inspired flat bag in this issue's Crafter's Corner. Thanks Bruce.

Associate Editor Mike Kostelnik presents another color enhanced pair of Cheyenne moccasins that first appeared in Ty Stewart's landmark manuscript on Cheyenne moccasins first published in the 1970s. Thanks Mike and Thank you again to Richard Green of England for the photograph of this pair of moccasins in his collection.

A welcome to our pages is Ephriam Dickson III, Director of Education at the Utah Museum of Natural History. Ephriam's manuscript on Lakota men wearing German silver crosses probes the question of their significance; personal adornment of trial leadership. Thanks Ephriam. Thanks to Bill Brewer for his illustrations accompanying Ephriam's manuscript.

Also new to our pages is Mary Dennin of Nashville, Indiana for her commentary in this issue's PowwowCircle. Mary was the first place winner in the article contest. Congratulations Mary and Thank you for your commentary. Paul Gowder, founder of, provides the photos for this issue's PowwowFahions of fancy feather dances at this year's Red Earth in Oklahoma City. Thanks Paul. And, Conley Stone is back with another tale of Yukon life as told to him by Elena Wasky. Thanks Snapper.

Thanks to Gene and Teri Bates for their insightful music reviews and artist profile. Thank you to our book reviewers for their reviews and to Terry Robinson for his 'Powwowing' cartoon.

And a final Thank You to all of our readers, advertisers, distributors, writers, and staff for allowing me to present the very best in craft technique and understanding of American Indian material culture, tradition and dance. Thank you all for your continued support of our efforts.
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Publication:Whispering Wind
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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