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From the dog in the dining room to one of Jupiter's moons.

When Tod Sedgwick agreed to buy Observer Publishing, he and his partners had only the weekend to draw up the papers. They were sitting around his dining room table trying to decide upon a name for the new company when Sedgwick's dog Pasha, walked through the rooom. Voila! Pasha Publications.

The name of his current company at least has more logic behind it. The website for Io Energy explains the name:

"Io, Jupiter's innermost moon, is one of the largest power producers in the solar system, generating more than 100,000 MW as it orbits through the planet's magnetic field. With extremely active volcanoes and a surface that is prone to chaotic changes on a daily basis, the management and staff of Io Energy believe the name Io truly captures the spirit of today's wholesale energy environment."
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Date:Aug 16, 2003
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