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From the desk of the editor.

From the Desk of the Editor

This is the third issue of Volume 24, 2015. Issues in information systems and IT are very diverse from implementation (frameworks) and security, to adoption of IS, data issues, and communication during negotiation related to IT. In this issue there are six papers that from different perspectives discuss such topics.

The keynote paper of this issue "optimizing data management with disparities in data value" presents models for optimizing data management in the presence of a disparity between the values contributed by different data. Data is also important in the creation of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. The paper "The State of Cryptocurrencies, Their Issues and Policy Interactions" focuses on the evolution of cryptocurrencies. It traces the history of early cryptography, the 'cypherpunk' movement, and how the work of some cyber libertarians and cryptographers enabled the emergence of popular cryptocurrencies.

Not many studies examine both privacy and security concerns in the context of mobile commerce. However the paper "Effects of Exchange Benefits, Security Concerns and Situational Privacy Concerns on Mobile Commerce Adoption" fills this gap in research by exploring users' exchange perceptions specific to the context of m-commerce in China.

In our field many studies have been done on the adoption of IS/IT but a a study of adaptability of organizations and how that relates to their ability to generate innovations is a different perspective which can be found in the paper "The Innovation Value Chain and Adaptability of Organizations". Change to become more efficient and effective is getting ever more attention in the domain of project development in the built environment as can be read in the paper "Changing Business Process Management in Project Development". Finally the theme of adaptability is also important in negotiations as is discussed in the paper "Cognitive Negotiation Schemata in the IT Industries of Japan and Finland".

As the editor, I would like to thank Dr. C. E. Tapie Rohm, Jr., Editor-in-Chief, members of the Executive Committee of the IIMA, all members of the Editorial Review Board, as well as many ad hoc reviewers for their support whose time and efforts made it possible to go through so many quality manuscripts and select the few articles published. Furthermore, I would like to thank all the authors of manuscripts, whether accepted for publication or not and for the readers of this journal. Without your contributions, it wouldn't be possible to maintain the growth of a quality journal. I look forward to your continuing contributions of quality manuscripts.

Pascal Ravesteijn Editor

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Author:Ravesteijn, Pascal
Publication:Journal of International Technology and Information Management
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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