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From the acclaimed team of 'Mabining Mandirigma,' a new rock musical.

The same creative team that infused steampunk visual elements into Tanghalang Pilipino's acclaimed 'Mabining Mandirigma'-an original Filipino musical about Apolinario Mabini that grabbed 12 awards at the 2016 Philstage Gawad Buhay-is back.

This time, they tackle the life of playwright Aurelio Tolentino in 'Aurelio Sedisyoso,' which collides the world of rock music with a theater genre popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s: the sarsuwela.

If the name sounds familiar to theatergoers, it's because one of the Cultural Center of the Philippines' theaters is named after him.

In 1901, after Spain had sold the Philippines to the US, the American colonial government passed the Sedition Act, prohibiting any form of advocacy for independence.

Filipino playwrights defiantly broke the law with their 'drama simbolico' (symbolic/allegorical drama), now known as the seditious plays. Many of them were imprisoned, including Tolentino.

Lessons of history

In 'Aurelio Sedisyoso,' librettist Nicanor Tiongson continues his quest to mine the lessons of history for the Filipino present.

'My interest in history is not antiquarian. I'm interested in the past because it's a good way to understand why the Filipino is the way he is today and to learn from past mistakes. I am in history because of the present,' he says.

Meanwhile, whereas classic sarsuwela used song genres like kundiman (love songs) and balitaw (lovers' duet), composer Joed Balsamo is using modern instruments and arrangements.

'Rock music's riffs and distortions will be incorporated,' he says. 'The setup will be very '90s, with an electric guitar, electric bass and drums. Sarsuwela-type music will still be there, but transformed into rock.'

Francis de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project is on board to do musical arrangements.

Costume designer James Reyes, whose great grandfather is sarsuwela playwright Severino Reyes (aka Lola Basyang), assures that 'Aurelio Sedisyoso' will be different from 'Mabining Mandirigma.'

'We want to surprise and maybe shock the audience. The feel will be rock but deeply rooted in sarsuwela.'

As for his costume designs, 'Contemporary elements and materials will be used. The look will sometimes be familiar turn-of-the-20th-century, but the focus is more on the attitude of rock.'

David Ezra headlines Tanghalang Pilipino's new rock musical, 'Aurelio Sedisyoso.' Also starring is TV-movie actor Baron Geisler, making his theater debut. -PHOTO FROM TANGHALANG PILIPINO

Theater debut

David Ezra, who played Emilio Aguinaldo in 'Mabining Mandirigma,' will play Aurelio Tolentino. The cast includes Norby David, former co-vocalist of Rivermaya; Jing Reyna-Jorge, former vocalist of Sugar Hiccup; and the Actors Company, TP's pool of resident actors.

The project has also attracted TV and film actor Baron Geisler, who waited in line along with everyone else to audition.

Now set to make his theater debut as antagonist Tikbalang, he says, 'Ibang klase yung mga castmates ko. There are times at rehearsals when I feel overwhelmed with their overflowing talent. I'm so thankful for my co-actors' and director's support and encouragement.'

Chris Millado directs, with sound design by TJ Ramos, choreography by Denisa Reyes, set design by Toym Imao, lighting design by Katsch Catoy and projections by GA Fallarme.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Aug 26, 2017
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