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From the November l875 issue of the Bonte and Foreign Record.

Four magazines were amalgamated to create the Presbyterian Record starting in January 1876. This is the announcement from one of them


Its chief object will be to acquaint the members and adherents of the Presbyterian Church in Canada with every department of its work; to enlist the sympathies of all in its various missionary and benevolent enterprises, and, by preserving a record of the proceedings of its judicatories. to hand down to succeeding generations a history of the Church....

With the narrow spirit. that is blind to the imperfections of its own system. that sees no good in other systems. and that prides itself only on its so-called prestige, the Presbyterian Record will have no sympathy. In the expressive words used in the basis of Union. "it will cherish affection towards the whole Church of God." and it will present from time to time such a summary of religious intelligence generally as may be found practicable.

There will be no place found in its columns for controversy. It will "seek peace and ensue it." Believing in the brotherhood of the whole Christian family, it will endeavour to promote their unity by inculcating principles of charity, mutual forbearance. and kindly sympathy.

With these aims the Presbyterian Record will, in January next. ask countenance and support from the thirty thousand patrons of the four existing magazines, and if it shall find favour in their sight, from twenty thousand more. It will aspire to be a welcome visitor in the minister's study, in the merchant's parlour, at the mechanic's and the farmer's fireside, and in the backwoodsman's lonely shanty.

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