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From the Executive Director.

I am pleased to report that as of winter 2005, the three thousandth person achieved the status of Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM). Each of these 3,000 CDFMs has passed three rigorous tests requiring knowledge of the laws, regulations, policies, and procedures governing defense financial management. By demonstrating mastery of this material, these 3,000 CDFMs have helped the Department of Defense improve its financial management while also providing themselves an advantage when competing for jobs and promotions. Increasingly we hear senior defense financial managers saying that when the competition gets tight for key jobs and several candidates have strong resumes, the CDFM designation can be a deciding factor.

I am particularly pleased to recognize Ms. Lisa Rue as our three thousandth CDFM. Ms. Rue is an employee of Paradigm Technology, Inc. (one of ASMC's corporate members) and is currently assigned to a task for the Missile Defense Agency. You can learn more about her on page 69 of this issue. It is particularly gratifying to see newer professionals like Ms. Rue demonstrating their mastery of defense financial management. Congratulations, Lisa!

The CDFM examination continues to be improved. In the first part of 2006 we will introduce an optional fourth examination to the CDFM that covers the policies and procedures governing major systems acquisitions. In addition to adding an optional fourth examination, we are also looking at adding more analytic, problem-type questions to the CDFM exams during the normal process of test refreshment. ASMC is committed to ensuring that the CDFM remains the standard of excellence in defense financial management and provides advantages to all who become one.

How can you become a CDFM and garner these advantages? The basic CDFM exam requires knowledge in three areas: resource management environment, budgeting and cost, and accounting and finance. An excellent way to get started toward becoming a CDFM is to take the five-day Enhanced Defense Financial Manager Training Course. While not a prep course for the exam, the course does cover much of the relevant material. ASMC has also begun offering free one-day courses covering the material in one of the CDFM modules. Please talk to your ASMC chapter leaders about these courses, which can be taught at your chapter. We will also offer a program of pre-conference CDFM training at PDI 2006. Finally, you can study on your own for the exam, using the textbook that is available from ASMC. For more information, go to our Web site ( and click on Certification.

Help yourself by becoming a CDFM!

Robert F. Hale, CDFM

Executive Director
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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