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From the Editors.

The editorial team is pleased to present the spring 2018 issue of Communal Societies. As usual, the topics of the feature articles range widely, from contemporary intentional communities to those of past centuries. One article by Emily Welty considers the impact of communal values on the contemporary work of Mennonite institutions in East Africa. An article by former CSA president Christian Goodwillie sheds light on the distinctive "feast ground" rituals at two Shaker communities in the American northeast. This issue also follows up on CSA's October 2017 conference held at Zoar, Ohio, with the inclusion of an article by Amy Hart, winner of the 2017 Starting Scholar Award, as well as a document commentary by CSA executive director Kathy Fernandez, drawn from her forthcoming book on Zoar. Hart's article explores the little-known African American community of Allensworth, California, which sought to challenge institutionalized racism in the early twentieth century by setting up a community as a subnational space. Fernandez's document transcription and commentary presents the story of a recently discovered poem about the origins of Zoar.

We wish to commend the editorial advisory board members and other scholars who so generously agree to the editorial team's requests to give of their time and expertise by serving as peer reviewers for paper submissions. These time consuming tasks are essential to the work of the journal, and we are grateful.

Our cover image for this issue is a mid-twentieth century photo of the 1853 Meeting House at Zoar, Ohio, that was produced as part of the 1933 Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), a cooperative initiative between the National Park Service and the Library of Congress that set out to document many of America's architectural treasures. We are grateful to Christian Goodwillie for assisting us with locating this photo.

We appreciate the support of our readers. We enjoy hearing from you on how we can better discharge our mission of serving the field of communal studies.

Carol Medlicott Editor Northern Kentucky University

Heather Van Wormer Associate Editor Grand Valley State University

Susan Love Brown Book Review Editor Florida Atlantic University

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Author:Medlicott, Carol; Van Wormer, Heather; Brown, Susan Love
Publication:Communal Societies
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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