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From the Career Counselor's corner. (OP & You).

Correspond with the Career Counselor. LT Dan Davidson (OP31) and Ruth Bennett (OP31 A) can be contacted for additional information regarding the topics listed below. We are located in Building 791, Room C 109. The OP Web site is also a great source of information. Submit correspondence for selection boards to the following address; please ensure you include the building and room number when sending express mail shipments.
LT Dan Davidson
Supply Corps Career Counselor

5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-4412
Phone: (901) 874-4624 DSN: 882
Fax: (901) 874-2684

Mrs. Ruth Bennett
Asst. S C Career Counselor
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-4412
Phone: (901) 874-

Fax: (901) 874-2684

Changes to the Performance Evaluation and Counseling Manual were announced in NAVADMIN 213/02. These changes support the CNO's emphasis on covenant leadership and his charge that all leaders be evaluated on mission accomplishment and their record in growing and developing the men and women they are privileged to lead. The following changes went into effect Aug 31, 2002:

A) The requirement to substantiate 5.0 grades in the comments section has been removed. This is being done to provide reporting seniors additional flexibility and space to fully describe the individual's personal qualities and traits in conjunction with strong supporting comments on actual performance and future potential. In short, leaders will now have a better opportunity to fulfill their key responsibility to accurately personalize each evaluation form. Desired result: performance appraisals which serve as a valuable feedback tool benefiting the individual and an improved medium to provide detailers and selection boards with the insight needed to assign and evaluate an individual for promotion.

B) Mandatory reports on commanding officers, officers, chief petty officers, and leading petty officers, who are responsible for officer and enlisted personnel to comment on efforts and quality of results in fostering a command and workplace environment conducive to the growth and development of personnel when into effect the date of the NAVADMIN.

C) The "equal opportunity" trait was changed to "command or organizational climate/equal opportunity" on FITREP and Eval forms in order to better represent navy retention goals and to support the growth and development of subordinates. Particularly for officers, chief petty officers and leading petty officers, the intent is to assess the contribution of the individual being evaluated toward the personal and professional development and fair treatment of assigned personnel as well as the overall command climate. Marks in this block will now include an evaluation of contributions to high retention and low attrition. A mark of 4.0 will document an above average contribution to positive retention, low attrition, equal opportunity, and command/community involvement. A mark of 5.0 will recognize exceptional performance in improving retention, reducing attrition, leadership in equal opportunity, community involvement and activities benefiting navy personnel and their families.

D) A summary group average block has been added to the reporting senior's signature block on both the FITREP and Eval forms. In addition, a member trait average block has been added to the reporting senior's signature block of the FITREP form. Reporting seniors will ensure the member's trait average and summary group averages are handwritten (until changes to NAVFIT and EMPRS can be effected) on FITREP and Eval forms. Because this information is available to and used by selection boards, personnel should be aware of the relationship between these averages. It will be advantageous to have this information readily available when conducting post- evaluation counseling sessions.

Officers interested in applying for the Transfer-Redesignation Board convening 13 Nov 02 should review NAVADMIN 198/02. Qualified Unrestricted Line, Restricted Line and Staff Corps Officers may apply for Redesignation, Lateral Transfer and Augmentation. Lateral Transfer and Redesignation are a primary means of accessing high quality officers needed within the Supply Corps community. In addition, it offers viable, alternate career path options to Navy Officers. Officers commissioned in FY-97 regardless of minimum service requirement will have their records automatically screened by the board for augmentation. Redesignation boards screen applicants and make recommendations on officer transfers among communities. The point of contract for Supply Corps applications is LT Kerri Gray, PERS4412T, (901) 874-2914/DSN: 882/e-mail:
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Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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