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Twenty five years ago Gerry Collins, Executive Secretary of NDTA and the DTJ's two new co-editors, Dr. Richard Poist and Dr. Joseph Mattingly, decided to launch a new feature in the Journal called the Defense Transportation Almanac. the fledging effort was only 11 pages of mostly facts and statistics provided by a handful of military agencies: DoD, USCG, MAC, MSC, and MTMC. Those NDTA'ers who remember that first Almanac back in February of 1979 can't help but be impressed with how it has matured over the last 25 years.

The Almanacs of recent years are full-color, 100-page issues devoted almost entirely to military and federal transportation related organizations. The five initial commands covered have grown to 22, plus a complete NDTA Officers Directory, Corporate Member Directory, and Association Profile have been added. Most readers now consider the Almanac a valuable "must save" reference publication that stays on their desk or bookshelf for a full 12 months until the next issue comes out.


NDTA is committed to enhancing the Almanac and solicits your ideas for improvements and additions. Happy 25th Anniversary to the DTJ Almanac Issue. The selections of covers reprinted on this page remind us of the expertise and support shown by our NDTA presidents, editors, advertisers and Carden Jennings Publishing, Ltd.--all have made the Almanac the premier publication it is today. Congratulations to all of them.



COL Denny Edwards, USA (Ret.)
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Author:Edwards, Denny
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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