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From our talented readers.

Dear Blake,

I have loved Jack and Jill ever since I started receiving it. Your inspirational and educational magazine fills my heart with joy. My autistic sister, Sidney, enjoys each and every issue, too. She reads her favorites over and over again.

Thanks for sending us happiness!

Paige T., 12 Colorado

Dear Paige and Sidney,

Thank YOU for the wonderful letter. I am so glad that you both like what we're doing. Readers like you guys make me happy!



Dear Cleo,

I wrote a poem called "My Pet Piggy" for you. I hope you put it in the magazine!

   My pet piggy is named Little Iggy.
   He likes to dance the jiggy
   And wear my favorite wiggy.
   I do not like it when he tries to diggy,
   And I'm glad he's not that biggy.
   That's my pet piggy, Iggy.

Lindsey S., 10 Kansas P.S. I also drew a picture of Iggy for Jill!

Dear Lindsey,

Imagining a pig wearing a wig made me laugh and laugh and laugh! I bet it will do the same for your fellow readers.

Keep being creative!


Dear Ricky,

My dog Stella loves treats, and she can do two tricks. In this picture, my dad is holding a treat, and she is doing a shake, which is one of her tricks. Stella is always loved, even though she can be very naughty.

Have a good day!! Teah M., 7 Iowa

Dear Teah,

Stella is awfully cute! And I'm glad to hear that you love her even when she's in trouble. Thankfully, my parents feel the same way about me!

Thanks for the photo,


Dear Blake,

I loved the story about Adele Adair and her brother in the Jan/Feb issue! It would be so fun to fly around the world catching monsters like they do--but a little scary, too.


Brendan P., 11 New York

Hey, Brendan,

Adele is pretty awesome-and brave-isn't She? You can read another one of her adventures On page 10 of this issue. Let us know if You want more! We aim to plean.:)

Your pal,


Dear Jill,

Here's a drawing of a flower. I made it the best I could. The flower was in my backyard, so I call the drawing "Backyard Flower." I love reading your magazine, and I can't wait for the next one!

Love, Jordan T., 10 Texas

Dear Jordan,

What a beautiful drawing! I especially love the little details--such as the bug and the worm on the ground at the base of the flower. Very cool!

Love back,


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Publication:Jack & Jill
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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