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From influenza to coronavirus.


The worldwide catastrophic Influenza pandemic swept through 48 U.S. states in the fall of 1918. Advertisements were placed in U.S cities declaring that coughing or sneezing was illegal and those who did so would be fined $500. Doctor Noble P. Barnes of Washington D.C said that 'Anyone who sneezes, or coughs should be fined.

They should be imprisoned and put a mask over their face until they recover.' The frustration of the city officials and health department workers who fought the invisible attacker who killed thousands of people in the streets and homes was so strange and they thought that it is not only difficult but impossible to avoid this epidemic, so even though they were performing their duties. Their condition was the same as that of the doctors, paramedics, police, and rescue workers who are fighting against the coronavirus today. Posters were pasted there with the words: 'The disease spreads very fast and there is no cure for this disease'.

The influenza epidemic spread in two waves. The first wave came in early 1918 and the second wave in the summer of 1918 after a change in the type of virus and caused the most severe damage. The disease was named the Spanish flu or the Spanish lady. The severity of the flu is estimated by the fact that by the spring of 1919, the virus had spread to most of Europe and the entire United States. By the time Camp Funston and the influenza pandemic reached Fort Relay in Kansas, USA, in March 1918, the last year of World War I, it had wreaked havoc in Europe and Asia. When the flu broke out, it wreaked havoc on these devastated nations through social and economic crises. Different views emerged about the disease.

According to the New York Times, the German military used more turnips, which led to the disease. Two weeks later, New York Times reported that winds from France caused the disease. Once the virus crossed the Atlantic, it quickly spread to the United States. In September 1918, 387 people died of influenza on a daily basis in the United States, and a total of 12,000 people died from the virus in that one month. Similarly, the number of deaths per day in October rose to 6,300. The horrors of the deaths Suffice it to say that the virus has killed a total of 22 million people. Another report says that 40 million people were killed by this virus. Former New York Health Commissioner Dr Goldwise said in a statement: 'The deaths that the health department is telling are lies, but the deaths are far more than what was hidden from the public'. There have been dozens of investigations into how this global killer selectively killed people and where it came from and how it spread, but no clear research has emerged yet. Stephen J. Spignesi wrote in his book that, 'Influenza still exists today and thanks to effective vaccination programs, the epidemic has been limited.

We have a cure for many influenza germs, but nature is resilient and there is always the possibility that a virus will emerge from it. We will not be able to save anyone, and the virus will again engulf the whole world in the same way'. Coronavirus also started with the cold, flu, cough and sneezing and spread to most of Asia, including most of Europe and the United States, and 200 countries around the world have succumbed to the virus. There was no vaccine before and there is no vaccine today. One hundred years ago today, our doctors and health officials kept wondering where the virus came from, how it came and where it went. No one had an answer.

Today, various groups of observers have commented on the virus. Right-wingers believe that it is a natural disaster and the only cure for it is prayer and charity, while left-wingers say that it is all biological warfare and get rid of it soon. The third group is scientists and researchers who have not been able to develop a vaccine for influenza a hundred years ago, nor have they been able to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, so I still think that the cure for this is the same one that was adopted one hundred years ago today to prevent influenza and that was, 'cough is forbidden' or impose a fine on them. In Pakistan, it was announced at the beginning of the year that people should not leave their homes, but people did not stop. Eventually, a lockdown was imposed so that people could stay indoors but people still do not stop, and you can see the curfew imposed. Curfew cannot bring this nation home because it is a Confucian nation that always does what it is prevented from doing. Someone has said that even if this nation is sent to heaven, it will go to hell once, just to see what is happening there. Impose fines like America, give masks, or distribute sanitisers house to house, still, this nation just goes out to see that corona exists or it is just being intimidated.
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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 22, 2021
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