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From here on.

. . . anyway the world slips away on its four dimensions the language rolls toward the horizon as far as this lake this wood for instance . . . Strange. Nobody there. Neither squirrel nor beetle Nor even inside a stare Somebody Entering the perspective while

Turning inside out

tuo edisni gninruT

Like a glove Or getting out of it. There is no number

no music

no cry

no alphabet The one coming in passes the one going out Without opening him like a pod Without letting the pearls of memory roll out of him From which a blade of grass a tree could come into the world . . . Not any encounter.

Imposible . . .

Pierre Martory is the author of a novel, Phebus. His collection of poems, Every Question But One, is forthcoming from Sheep Meadow Press in a bilingual edition with translations by John Ashbery. His poetry has appeared in several publications including Poetry, The New Yorker, and o/blek.

John Ashbery is the Charles P. Stevenson, Jr. Professor of Languages and Literature at Bard College. In 1992 he received the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize and the Antonio Feltrinelli International Prize for Poetry.
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Author:Martory, Pierre; Ashbery, John
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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