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From blintzes to bling.

Byline: Sarah Ryley

From left: The CSV Cultural Center parking lot at 114 Norfolk; Norfolk Apartments at 108 NorfolkFrom the April issue: The stretch of Norfolk Street between Rivington and Delancey streets is one of those New York City blocks where real estate worlds collide. The block is a hodgepodge of Lower East Side immigrant history, hipster bars and high-end living. This month, The Real Deal took a closer look at the block as a real estate microcosm and found a number of textbook examples of the boom and bust, as well as a host of other real estate trends. Perhaps the most transformative event on the block in recent years was the demise of Ratner's Delicatessen, which the owners, the Harmatz family, closed in 2002 after nearly a century of operation. After the storied kosher institution shuttered, the family cashed out on their properties, six of which are on this block. Sleepy's Mattress now leases the deli's former storefront around the corner on Delancey. Its old blintz factory, meanwhile, is being eyed by hoteliers in a deal that can be seen as a sign of the post-boom times. [more]
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Author:Ryley, Sarah
Publication:The Real Deal
Date:Apr 7, 2010
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