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From a local San Diego Naval Supply Depot to world-class, maritime global logistics services provider.

In the early 1900s, U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet ships routinely anchored in the harbor at the foot of Broadway in San Diego Bay, making it a natural site for a supply depot.

Then In 1922, the Naval Supply Depot San Diego was formally established after a small pier was constructed and the first materials were moved into the Depot's warehouse in February 1923.

A larger capacity Navy pier was built and a south wing added to a six-story Supply Depot across the street in 1941. A seven-story warehouse was constructed alongside it in 1943, and today, the seventh story of that warehouse accommodates the headquarters offices and staff of Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistics Support (GLS).

That same year, the Depot assumed management of the La Playa Coaling Station at Point Loma. Built in 1904, La Playa Coaling Station was the first permanent Navy logistics shore establishment in San Diego. By the late 1940s, eight more warehouses were constructed at the Broadway Naval Station Annex to support expanding material storage needs.

Significant growth in the Naval Supply Depot's customer base resulted in its re-commissioning as the Naval Supply Center (NSC) San Diego in 1959.

Meanwhile, on May 1,1966, the Navy Bureau of Naval Accounts (BUSANDA) was re-designated Naval Supply Systems Command Headquarters. The first commander, Rear Adm. H. J. Goldberg, switched hats and officiated at the ceremony, saying of the newly formed command, "Our horizons are unlimited."

Locallv, as history continued to unfold, a Navy initiative to streamline shore establishments in 1973, a sister supply center in Long Beach, Calif., closed and NSC San Diego assumed logistics support for the Naval Shipyard, Naval Station, and ships homeported in the Long Beach area. In 1980, as a result of additional consolidation, NSC San Diego assumed responsibility for selected Naval Air Station North Island Supply Department aviation material and related functions.

In 1992, NSC San Diego transferred its warehouse operations to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), payroll and accounting operations to the Defense Finance and Accounting Center (DFAC), and data processing operations to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as part of the effort by Department of Defense (DoD) to strea-line initiatives and reduce costs.

Based on these changes and related infrastructure studies, the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) concept was born. With a new mission to become logistics partners with shore and industrial activities, FISC San Diego established memorandums of agreement and business partnerships with all major Navy and Marine Corps commands in the southwest region.

In 2003, NAVSUP began implementation of a three-phased transformation plan based on a series of structural, functional, and customer alignment initiatives. Principal of these initiatives was the designation of FISC San Diego as the "lead" FISC. FISC San Diego has the responsibility to drive common policies across six supply centers located in San Diego; Norfolk, Va.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Puget Sound, Wash.; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; and Yokosuka, Japan, and to broker workload to maximize productivity in waterfront support.

However, the original assumptions and concept of operations of the lead FISC were dramatically altered. Substantial changes in the scale of operations necessitated the structure of a standalone, flag-level Echelon III command. By Chief of Naval Operation's direction on Aug. 1, 2006, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS) were formally established to focus on global logistics and to drive best practices across the seven FISCs. The change allowed FISC San Diego to refocus on local logistics issues and provide optimal supply support to Commander, Navy Region Southwest.

COMFISCS continued to oversee field-contracting operations, optimize the performance of base supply functions, such as hazardous material management, contracting, regional transportation and retail supply; and standardize levels of service across 11 Navy regions. Unique COMFISCS staff codes were created between 2003 and 2005 to manage programs across the supply domain.

On March 3, 2005, a seventh FISC was established in Sigonella, Italy.

As part of the "One NAVSUP ... One Enterprise" branding initiative, COMFISCS was renamed NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS) on July 1, 2011. The seven FISCs were renamed NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLC). The new naming convention supports NAVSUP'S Global Logistics Support Network construct in which NAVSLJP GLS executes its mission as part of a global network along with its naval partners.

NAVSUP GLS also serves as Assistant Commander (ACOM) for Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise (NECE) Support, ensuring NAVSUP resources fully support NECE logistics requirements to enhance their war fighting capabilities. Additionally, NAVSUP GLS serves as the lead for NAVSUP's operational alignment initiative to support the fleet more effectively and integrate and align NAVSUP's planning, training, and exercise engagement efforts in support of operational requirements.

NAVSUP GLS formally integrated the ammunition supply chain management, transportation, and operations planning of the former command known as NAVSUP Logistics Operations Center (LOC) this past October. The integration cemented NAVSUP GLS's presence as the single face to fleet and shore customers, adding greater agility to the command's global reach.

By H. Sam Samuelson

NAVSUP GLS Director, Corporate Communications
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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