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From Tom Wigglesworth and family. (Letters to the Editor).

What an excellent edition of Insight you produced in April. It was so timely it was uncanny. Four of your main articles, "No more Adam and Eve," Heralds of the Gospel," "Fighting back," and "Catholic parents and AIDS" all struck home dramatically.

On the upbeat side, the Heralds of the Gospel have their house just down the street from ours, and over the last few years we have been pleased to call them our friends. These girls are always joyful and have an incredible inner beauty that shines out. Our youngest is very fortunate to have the head of the house as his godparent. What a wonderful privilege for him!

With respect to "Adam and Eve" by Dr. Shea, it is absolutely reasonable for all Catholics graduating from our high schools to assume that Adam and Eve never existed: just check our grade nine religious text book sanctioned by the CCCB. It states unequivocally that "the Genesis story is a myth." I can only imagine that the good Catholic teachers, when confronted by this statement in the text, would put the children in their charge straight on the facts. Much to my dismay, this was not the case for my daughter's class. Later she had a supply teacher tell her class point blank that they did not have to believe the Adam and Eve story at all. Armed with the truth the next day, my daughter had the opportunity to straighten out the teacher.

I wrote a letter to my bishop about the AIDS curriculum after your magazine did a critique and I was told to deal with the Board. I wrote a letter to the Board about the "all generations will call me happy" quote they used in a publication and I was told they were using what the bishop approved. I wrote a letter to the teacher about the note she had her students copy, which to my mind equated Moses, Mohammed and Buddha and removed God from the "burning bush." I was asked for my credentials and was threatened with a possible charge of harrassment if I wrote again. I wrote the principal about a movie shown in the religion class which depicted the Church badly and was told to basically mind my own business.

Not a lot of success yet, but the main thing about trying to fight back is tenacity. Last week my daugter was shown half of "Jesus Christ Superstar" which depicts Arianism so blatantly you would think the Council of Nicea (325 AD) never took place. Will they appreciate my letter? No. Will I stop writing them? No. Will I forward copies of my correspondence further up the ladder? Of course. Will it make any difference? It doesn't matter, because trying is my obligation, not succeeding.

Here is an even further down note. My sister is a teacher who told me that if I want my kids to remain Catholic, I should remove them from the Catholic high schools. I don't agree and feel change will come with enough prayer and enough support. Thanks for your magazine and for letting me blow off some steam.

Hamilton, ON
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Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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