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From The Executive Director.

This issue of the World History Bulletin (WHB) focusing on "the global event," which promises great reading, has me thinking of these events and how studying them has influenced my life. World Fairs & Expos have shaped areas of modern cities as we know them today. After reading the WHB, those interested in further reading should consider the fascinating book, The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson.

This well-researched account, which won the Edgar Award for best fact-crime writing, centers around the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.

Many expos have borrowed from urban redevelopment in parts of cities in disrepair or disuse. For the Expo '98 in Lisbon, Portugal, acres of shabby land became transformed with a beautiful metro station, an aquarium and new convention buildings. I was fortunate enough to attend the Expo several times while residing in Portugal during 1998. Although I remember enjoying the Expo overall, what still stands out is the fantastic exhibit from Argentina, complete with tango dancers and an outstanding live performance by Van Morrison.

While sports have played a significant role in portions of history, I look forward to enlightening myself with this issue. During graduate school, one of my professors, who taught British History, would start each class with facts from baseball history. It was a perfect beginning to a summertime class. Ballparks carry with them great histories and as you may already know, Fenway Park will be one of the tours we are offering during this summer's conference.

Here at WHA Headquarters, we are working to improve our services and keep things efficient. Most exciting, we have brought in our new webmaster, Gautham Ramesh. He is a first-year graduate student at Northeastern and has extensive experience working on websites. One change that he implemented is the overhaul of our website, which keeps our design current and ensures greater security. On the WHA homepage, we have added information about our publications front and center. In addition, Gautham is overseeing the creation of our Members Only page, which will provide information and special access to WHA publications and forums. Additionally, graduate student members will also be able to logon to a graduate student portal, where the exchange of conversation and ideas should prove valuable. In the area of budget and finances, we are moving toward a more effective model of accountability.

Thanks to some intensive work with our treasurer, quarterly budget reports have helped us to track our profits and expenditures carefully. This has been welcomed by the WHA Executive Council, as these reports lay out our progress clearly and highlight areas for improvement. Another benefit to our office has been finding an accountant in Boston, Rich Durham. We were so lucky to connect with him in 2016 and will be meeting with him again soon. Thanks to Mr. Durham, the WHA now works on Quickbooks instead of outsourcing this accounting procedure, saving financial resources for other things.

Meanwhile, WHA Governance has been analyzing location ideas for our 2019 and 2020 conferences. Our 27th Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin promises to be engaging, as well as the home city of our future president. Save the dates! We will be in Wisconsin from June 21-23, 2018, and are already talking about enticing tours that will introduce many of us to this city on Lake Michigan, known for authentic breweries.

While the looking glass guarantees exciting future conferences, I am thinking mostly about our 26th Annual Conference in Boston. The bulk of office time right now is dedicated to conference preparation. This work is being handled by myself and Bridget Keown, WHA graduate assistant, and the various committees that are needed to make our event successful. Sessions focused around our themes, "The Atlantic World" and "Food in World History", as well as a number of other fascinating themes, are taking shape. Inspired by these topics, we are offering tours that complement these ideas. By the time of this reading, many of these events and tours should still be available for booking via our website.

Our signature event, "Cooking World History: An Atlantic World Feast" will feature five recipes from prominent historians who work within food history. We hope you will consider joining the WHA Governance for this event in Northeastern's Xhibition Kitchen, a world-class kitchen with cutting-edge technology. To celebrate our charming port city, we are offering a variety of walking tours that highlight different histories and neighborhoods around downtown Boston. These include the "Fenway Park Tour", celebrating our prestigious and historic ballpark; "Brahmins of the Back Bay" complete with stories of our city's most prominent citizenry and how they influenced the city we share today; "Avenue of the Arts" highlighting the art museums and cultural venues near the Northeastern campus; "Historic Waterfront" a tour focused on our seafaring and waterfront culture and "The North End Walking Tour" in one of our oldest neighborhoods, which boasts great Italian food and connections to famous Bostonians such as Paul Revere and Rose Kennedy. Our one very unique museum tour will be a favorite of 20th Century or military historians: "Museumof World War II" containing over 7,000 artifacts from the war. Whichever activities you choose to enjoy in Boston, there is really something for everyone. We welcome your feedback, so please call or email with suggestions or ideas. We can be reached at or 617-373-6818.


Kerry Vieira

Administrative Coordinator/ExecutiveDirector

World History Association
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Date:Mar 22, 2017
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