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From Sleaze to truth.

Thank you for Rick Durden's editorial, Full Disclosure (December 2013). He made great points about product and service marketing. Me being an aircraft reseller, his comment about the ratio of sleaze to truth one runs across when in the market for a gently used airplane caught my eye.

Selling an airplane should demand a high level of ethical behavior, regardless of who's selling it. Unfortunately, many pertinent items are overlooked, swept under the carpet or dismissed as a matter of convenience. Occasionally, due to the complexities of any aircraft and its records, some items remain undiscovered. Buyers should be aware that when purchasing used aircraft, flaws will exist and discrepancies will surface after the sale closes.

The philosophy at my company is to disclose known issues on the first phone call with a buyer. Do we know everything about every airplane we sell? Absolutely not--perhaps the first indicator that someone is lying is when they tell you they know everything about the plane. We try to shine light on all facets of an aircraft we represent by providing logs, background reports, dozens of close-up pictures and also video. We travel to see every airplane we represent so that the knowledge we relate about it is first-hand. And finally, we were the first to develop a 90-day or 45-hour breakdown protection policy on every 1976 and later aircraft sold (we call it the FREEdom plan).

Are we perfect? Not by a mile, but building trust with current and future clients has to begin somewhere. I appreciate Your great publication.

Chris Kirk Wild Blue Aircraft Sales Kansas City, Missouri

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Title Annotation:FIRST WORD
Author:Kirk, Chris
Publication:The Aviation Consumer
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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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