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From Rev. Roy Hamel Only clergy can halt the homosexual blitzkrieg in Canada. (Special Letter).

On September 1, 1939, the Nazi war machine brutally hurled itself on Poland. With lighting speed the country was penetrated, encircled and totally overcome. On September 27, with all resistance broken, Warsaw was forced to surrender. Blitzkrieg was a new type of warfare and few would be able to withstand it.

As I view the progress of the militant homosexual agenda in Canadian society, the word that comes to mind is blitzkrieg. In an amazing show of strength over the rest of society in the last year alone, the movement has made incalculable gains. In 2002 three signal events stand out. On May 29, 2002, Svend Robinson's hate speech bill C-415 (now Bill C-250) passed second reading in our parliament. If passed into law, this bill will effectively shut down all public criticism of the homosexual lifestyle. People with a moral conscience who continue to speak out will be in danger of fines, jail time, and criminal records.

Also in this past year, the Ontario Supreme Court in a landmark decision is forcing the federal government in the direction of legitimizing and/or regularizing homosexual unions so that they might be equal in law to heterosexual marriage. Finally, in December of 2002 a Supreme Court decision forced the Surrey School Board in British Columbia to change its policy on not allowing homosexual ideology to be promoted in schools at kindergarten level.

It has been an amazing year of losses for people who hold to moral convictions on homosexual behaviour. If this trend continues much longer I predict that we will soon have sodomite unions; children in public and private schools, from kindergarten to Grade 12, will be indoctrinated with the teaching that homosexuality is normal and good; faithful pastors will be put in jail for preaching the Bible; and marriage as an institution will be fundamentally altered, and greatly weakened.

The question must be asked, "Can Canadians who morally disapprove of homosexual behaviour stop the advance of the homosexual agenda in this country?" Are we now at the point where it is inevitable that homosexuality will be normalized at all levels of our society as being equal to heterosexual relations?

Awakening needed

I believe there are only two possibilities of stopping the militant homosexual agenda. One option, totally out of our hands, is that God may give to our nation a far-reaching and profound spiritual awakening similar to the great awakening of the 18th century in Britain and the New England colonies. The Methodist revival of that era led to numerous positive social initiatives and changes that virtually transformed Britain. But apart from an amazing work of God, in my view, the only other possibility of stopping this blitzkrieg is specific action by the churches of our nation, and specifically our pastors, priests and denominational leaders.

Homosexuality is not per se a political issue. It is fundamentally a moral issue. Just recently I received a poignant e-mail which in part stated, "I just don't understand why evil seems to be winning." I think I do. The militant homosexual agenda has thus far had amazing success simply because there has been almost no organized opposition. But in any given war the aggressor who encounters no opposition will inevitably win!

The hour is already late. Much ground has been lost. The amoral blitzkrieg has been amazingly and alarmingly effective. I plead with Christian leaders everywhere to preach the word of God. Pray then, yes, let us by all means pray, but let us do more than pray. We must see that God has not called us to hide truth, but to proclaim it far and wide. So then let us carefully, graciously, and lovingly speak the truth, and always with Christ's offer of transformation, hope and reconciliation. But above all, let us speak!

Rev. Hamel is a former pastor and Evangelical missionary who is now working as a pro-life and pro-family advocate in Guelph, Ontario.
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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